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Integrated Currency and Payment Solutions with Blockchain Technology 02/06/21

The NATRA System outlines these Important Principles

• Securing Corporate, Business, and Individuals Data to Blockchain Solutions.

• Ensuring the best possible Payment infrastructure combining Central and Decentralized networks.

• We enjoy doing Business Globally and covering All the sectors and Verticals.

Our services enable you to:

· Reduced Costs

· Scaled Competitiveness

· Speed & Price Efficiency

· High-Level Security

· Data Integrity

Our Organisation comprises of:

  • NATRA Donate
  • NATRA Gas
  • NATRA BlockTech
  • NATRA Wireless
  • NATRA Estate
  • NATRA Pharma
  • NATRA Earth
  • NATRA Food
  • NATRA Educate
The NATRA Organisation

Sectors We Provide Consultation, Solutions, and Partnerships in

Government, NGO & NPO

- Risk Management through Stable Coin integration

- Payment infrastructure Cross Border, Globally

- 3d Party Fiat On/Off ramp & Decentralized Ledgers


- Payment Infrastructure & Automated Loyalty Value & Rewards

- Accurate Chain Management with Reduced Costs

- Environmental Sustainability with enhanced Carbon Footprint


- Tokenization & Fractional Property Sales

- Real-Time Accounting & Automated Payment Infrastructure

- Direct Automated Services with Reduced 3d Party processes


- Supply Chain Management & Tokenization

- Instant Automated Borderless Payment Systems

- Commodity Trade Finance Management


- Universal Patient Profile & Identity Management

- Mitigate Risk with Drug Traceability

- Immutable Records (EHRs), Improved Traceability & Transparency


- Securing the future of Blockchain Development

- Empowering Women in Blockchain Technology

- Upliftment of Socio-Economic conditions

Our Partners & Advisors in Digital Applications & Services provide

NATRA Donations — Automated Funding for NPO’s with Stable Coin Technology

• App Developer & Open Banking Solutions

• Open Banking & 3d Party Payment Services

• Digital Dollar Stable Coin Settlement

• Online Payment Processing

  • Cards, Payment Infrastructure, Stable Coin & Digital Assets
PLAID Financial Services

NATRA Energy & Gas — Financial Institutions with Corporate structured Payments

• Cards, Payment Infrastructure, Stable Coin & Digital Assets

• African Cross Border Payment

• Borderless Digital Banking & Payment Services

• Digital Blockchain Records, Origin to Ownership across All Verticals

• Global Currency Solution for Trade Finance

• Fuel Fleet Line Payment Infrastructure

  • Bitcoin Blockchain Secure Digital Verification & Organizational Platform

NATRA Digital Assets — Digitization of Shares, Assets, Commodities, and Valuables

• Digital Share Certificates, Issuance & OTC on Blockchain Technology

• Institutional Trading Desk

• Digital Asset & Stock Automated Hedge Fund

• NFT Marketplace Digitizing anything

• LaunchPad

  • Token Algorithm Advisory

NATRA Agri & Food — Supply Chain Solutions with Corporate Payment Services

• NATRA Coin Digitization of Nutritional Food Resources

• Digital Blockchain Records, Origin to Ownership across All Verticals

• Smart Procurement & Supply Chain Management

• African Development Solutions

  • Digital Dollar Stable Coin Settlement & On/Off Ramp solution

NATRA Health & Wellness — Supply Chain & Cross Border Payment Solutions

• NATRA Coin Digitization of Nutritional Food Resources

• African Development Solutions

• Cards, Payment Infrastructure, Stable Coin & Digital Assets

  • Bitcoin Blockchain Secure Digital Verification & Organizational Platform
Issuing Data on the Blockchain for Secure Services

NATRA Real Estate — Identity, Certificate, Insurance & Assurance Management

• Bitcoin Blockchain Secure Digital Verification & Organizational Platform

• Blockchain DAO Will & Estate Management

• Digital Share Certificates, Issuance & OTC on Blockchain Technology

• NFT Marketplace Digitizing anything

• Fractional Shares & Ownership in Property

  • Smart Procurement & Supply Chain Management
Real Estate Digitization

NATRA Education — Enabling access to Blockchain Technology Education for disadvantaged communities

• Bitcoin Blockchain Secure Digital Verification & Organizational Platform

• Cards, Payment Infrastructure, Stable Coin & Digital Assets

• Blockchain Educators

  • NPO driven platforms with Women in Blockchain as a focus
Blockchain Education

Typical Integrated Currency and Payment Solutions


NATRA Coin provides safe and secure solutions through its Technology partners to enable a Wallet-to-Wallet Ecosystem for payments in B2B, B2C & C2C. NATRA Coin further uses its South African partnerships to align the fiat Banking on/off ramps necessary to conduct business locally and internationally.

The NATRA Coin Tech stack enables Digital-Asset friendly Banking services.

1. Wallet to Wallet (Webhook, Android, iOS), and API integration.

2. Cards (physical & virtual), Digital Exchange, Remittance (text fiat & crypto to users any phone number), and custom App solutions.

The service is 100% Managed with compliance and within global regulatory frameworks. Our partnerships take all the risks and responsibilities for regulated activities on our EMI/Regulated licenses.


VISA Debit Card — Fast Launch:

1. Launch CL VISA virtual & plastic in 4 weeks in the EEA, across 30+ countries.

2. No pre-loading (unless you would like to only load fiat).

3. Spend Digital & Crypto Assets directly on the Card from your custodial wallets.

4. Omnibus wallet API –Fiat & Digital Assets like Bitcoin can be automatically linked to the VISA Card.

5. Low Monthly card fee.

6. Launch & Manufacture card fee presented according to Business Model and Volume.

Some International Benefits:

1. Spend Fiat or Digital Assets directly in EUR for 0% fee at merchants.

2. Low master account load fee.

3. Spend in 70m+ merchants and ATMs worldwide.

4. Our Partnerships allow for Full Compliance oversight, as they are under EMI Distribution with FCA Digital Asset License.

Payment Solutions

MasterCard with inherent features:

1. Unique Personalized Design

2. A unique 5 multi-currency BIN

3. Global Distribution

4. Omnibus account framework


Network of acquirers:

1. EUR, GBP, USD, CNY, ZAR, and many other settlement currencies.

2. Low-cost acquiring, with minimal fraud hold –as low as 3.49% for Digital Asset purchases.

3. Fast settlement in key currencies globally.

4. Recent KYC can be taken or share with your own client KYC, subject to individual compliance.

5. Fast and easy processing of purchases, settlement in BTC if required for a very low spread of 0.75–1%.


1. Issue EUR & GBP IBANs for users.

2. Offer direct debits & standing orders upon request.

3. AML & Transaction Monitoring.

4. Rapid setup and API integration.


1. Create a branded, fully managed bespoke Digital Asset friendly banking platform, compliance,

2. licensed technology and support all included.

3. Launch branded virtual or plastic Mastercard, VISA, and China UPI for Corporate or Personal users.

4. Launch GBP or EUR IBANS for users, Faster Payment System, Open Banking & SEPA.

5. Multi-Currency Cards (8 currencies), Global distribution of cards & Samsung/Google/Apple Pay.

6. KYC & AML setup, including Compliance (or can integrate existing processes and approvals).

7. Acquiring set up to take external card payments, low-cost on-ramp using Debit & Credit Cards.

8. Corporate Account automation for inbound/outbound loading receipts & external payments.

9. Crypto Exchange Integrations & Stable Coin payments, P2P, by SMS on CL Card.

10. Full suite includes Wallets, Exchange, Payments, Banking, Remittance, FX, KYC, TX Monitoring.

11. Launch VISA Cards, directly connected to Digital Asset Wallets — liquidating BTC & Digital in the background, completely invisible to users.

What’s Next?

NATRA Wireless — Wireless Infrastructure connecting Blockchain Technology

A Decentralized and Trust-Less model for building Wireless infrastructure

Combines Low-Power/Low-Range Wireless Protocol to Blockchain Technology

Digital Asset Rewards users through Proof of Work Mining with real value through Exchange and Data Credits

Mining Wireless Data Sharing Network

NATRA Retail — Incorporating Digital Asset Payment infrastructure into Retail

Creating a Retail Branded Stable Coin integration to “Bank the Un-Banked” by accepting their own Stable Coin with reduced fee charges from companies like VISA

POS Terminals with automated back-end conversion integration

Merchant integrations at scale and Third-Party On/Off Ramp solutions

Retail and Blockchain integration

NATRA Renewable Energy — Mining Blockchain Technology

NATRA framework for private and public partnerships within the renewable energy sector driving solutions to current Blockchain sustainability

Proof of Concept plans are in place through ArkInvest, (a TESLA subsidiary) — Solar Battery Bitcoin to provide energy to the grid in the US

ADS Group a leading sustainable clean energy and solar solutions Company in Africa

African renewable energy innovation can drive Bitcoin mining into a sustainable commodity

From the Management Team

Our team will ensure the easiest, cheapest, most direct way for anyone that wants to integrate scaled software payment solutions. The advent of broader adoption of Blockchain Technologies and Stable Coin integration gives us this opportunity to provide improved services and added transparency to our Software and App services.

Our Team packs together a refreshing ideology & tech stack that will bring new life to Cross Border and Global economies. We share a Passion for Equality and Exceptional Standards.

• Our Founder (Founder/Director) Gavin Stassen, from South Africa overflows with a spirit of Generosity and strong Business Acumen. He is known to bring a unique and ambitious vision to every business he works on.

• Morne Olivier (Director) from South Africa, is our Technology Specialist, focused on integrating Blockchain Technology.

• Board Members: The balance of the NATRA Coin Company includes individuals from the Banking and Financial sector.

“The Future is Now — Join Us”



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