SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets

Morne Olivier
5 min readJan 19, 2022
SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets

SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets



Millions of family members are completely unaware that they’re owed unclaimed money from deceased relatives, who passed on without leaving an updated will or complete financial records. Worldwide this equates to trillions of US Dollars sloshing around in the financial system.

SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets

Currently, Federal Agencies and other organizations collectively hold more than $58 Billion in Unclaimed cash and benefits, approximately $186 per citizen in the US alone.

18% of Brits had not told their family members that they have a life insurance policy in place. This equates to £230b Billion in unclaimed payouts, the average term life insurance pay-out value is £79,304.

According to estimates, 25% of Life Insurance Policies, Retirement Accounts, and Pensions are NEVER Paid, as it’s up to heirs to let the underwriter know when a policyholder passes on. There’s no central information service on where to look for missing funds and assets. Entities that are holding the above funds for the rightful owners aren’t really incentivized to look for the owners and hand it over, as they earn interest on anything unclaimed.

SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets

Enter the SORTiD™ Platform Solution

1. SORTiD is the Safest, Fastest, and Easiest way to organize ALL Your Information of Your Personal and Business Life in one place to stay SORTiD forever.

2. SORTiD the course teaches people how they can simplify and organize their lives.

3. SORTiD the App implements what they have learned and stores the user’s data in the ultimate secure way.

SORTiD wants people to store important information in one place, securely. Any individual should be able to navigate how that information was stored and most importantly when something needs to be done about that information.

SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets


Our research has shown that age does not matter. The younger generation leads very complicated & busy lives. The older generation has inherent “disabilities” to navigate.

Forgetfulness is a natural part of aging; Dementia & Alzheimer’s exacerbate their problem. All generations procrastinate prioritizing easy, fun, exciting engagement and avoiding difficult, unpleasant, stressful tasks.

Losing loved ones is not easy. Very few people are fully prepared for sudden death. The experience is emotional and traumatic and is not easy to think about, but when it does happen unexpectedly the chaos left behind can decimate their family or business partners.

Covid has exacerbated this problem. Winding up Diseased Estates can be a time-consuming and even impossible to complete process when documentation and communication between family members are not in place or don’t exist.

Being 100% prepared at any time is the best way of showing you truly love your family and we at SORTiD want to ensure we make it easy for our users to do so.

SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets


1) Our first aim is to teach people how to find unclaimed funds.

Our team has filtered through months of research and information, which has been collated into neatly packaged courses. In the courses, we delve deep down into the over 120 different types of unclaimed, forgotten, lost money and property that might be owed to you.

The SORTiD™ course then teaches you where and how to look for unclaimed funds and assets, it has country and sector-specific curated content in the various lectures. Many of the resources are for free.

By including trusted sites and step-by-step information on how to retrieve all these unclaimed funds, we naturally save everyone time, money and improve the success rate by unparalleled measures.

SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets

2) Our second aim is to teach people how to securely share this important information to ensure that no one else falls short.

Now, you managed to claim funds or assets you never knew existed, (yay!). The last thing you want to do is replicate the problem you had for your heirs. By following through with the step-by-step course on how to use the SORTiD ™ App, you will manage to do just that and so secure the future of any asset or funds when you are no longer there.

The App is prepopulated with categories that you can choose from to store the information you have found. The files are securely stored on a decentralized mesh network which is infinitely safer than a server.

Access privileges can be granted with trusted family members and or industry professionals, which can be revoked at any time.

SORTiD ™ | Unclaimed Funds & Assets

Why Us?

We are passionate about helping people simplify their lives by getting organized and using technology to get there. Being organized adds huge value to people’s lives.

Our solution is simple to use and the most secure available due to storing users’ information in a decentralized fashion.

We are currently preparing for funding to improve on our first MVP and incorporate the Blockchain IPFS Data Storage capabilities.

If you are interested in joining us or want to find out more, please reach out to Des



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