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The BURN Token


In a Decentralized Blockchain Ecosystem, we need Smart Contracts. The code offers us countless possibilities in how we can develop Smart Automated Finance. has done just that. The Burn Token has developed into a Smart Contract Fund with a suite of Tokens to fit everyone’s needs. The suite is made up of 4 Tokens: The Burn Token (BURN), Cinder (CNR), Ash (ASH) & Burn Rebalance (BURNR).

In simple English each of the four Tokens offers:

The Burn Token (BURN)

Deflationary Value: for each Transaction of BURN = 1% of the Value of the transaction is Burned or Destroyed. For further measure, once a month 10% of BURN in the DEV Wallet is destroyed.

· As the Token gets less (Rare) the more valuable it becomes.

Cinder (CNR)

Rewards Token: A daily “Earn Drop” is made to BURN Token holders who add Liquidity to the BURN/ETH Pool.

· Earning daily Rewards ($ Passive Crypto Income). CNR can be traded to buy more BURN or any ERC20 Token

Ash (ASH)

Loyalty Token: ASH was dropped to BURN Token Holders at its creation. It is fast becoming a great marketing tool with a public Airdrop currently in play.

· ASH also has Deflationary values (Even more rare, with only 1,000,000 in total supply) ASH adds extra Value by forming part of the BURN sales ecosystem, thus contributing to BURN’s ultimate Rarest form.

Burn Rebalance (BURNR)

**New to Cryptocurrency and you didn’t understand any of that**

Don’t worry we made it easy for you = The Mini BURN Token Fund: BURNR

Basically, we have Tokenised a Cryptocurrency investment fund. (BURNR holds BURN, CNR & ASH)

· The big difference here is the Token that Holds the Fund also carries Value and therefore will increase in value as the Tokens in the ecosystem trades.

All the Tokens carry a Value since their inception and can be viewed on CoinGecko.

All Tokens can be swapped for any ERC20 Tokens at any time or pooled with Ethereum for added value and can offer Arbitrage within or outside of the ecosystem.

Uniswap offers the most volume now and is quick to access via Meta Mask, Enjin or Trust wallet.

The BURN Token is fully transparent on Etherscan and the Smart Contract Code has been Audited.

To end off and put this in a summary for you, The BURN Token is an investment ecosystem. Just like normal Investment, Retirement or Pension funds outlines growth potential based on historical data, The BURN Token outlines a set of rules set in Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is these rules on an immutable ledger that will ensure the growth potential of current data to determine the Fund’s Bull Path forward.

In a nutshell: The more transactions are made in this ecosystem the more valuable BURN will become! A no brainer if you ask me. #morneolivier

The BURN Token

Some more facts:

Team mission: ”to introduce a deflationary digital asset that will serve as a store of value, due to scarcity as the total supply will fall with each and every transaction. As well as the added benefit in earning Ethereum on every transaction made by BURN.”

BURN’s core algorithm is designed to ensure that for every transaction, 1% of the amount transacted is burned. This self-annihilating process will improve the scarcity of BURN.

A fair distribution model from launch with a small fraction for team allocation. BURN Token holders can add liquidity to the BURN pool and earn a proportional share of the 0.3% commission fee on any trades made between BURN, Ethereum or any other listed ERC20 tokens.

Community (97%)
9,700,000 BURN Tokens will be made available, either through trading and/or marketing.

TEAM (3%)
The team will keep 297,000 (300,000–3,000) BURN Tokens, locked for three years.

BURN started trading at $0.0011494 and is currently tradeable via a Uniswap smart contract. You can view the pool statistics here, BURN Token Pool

BURN is fully transparent and interoperable with the Ethereum blockchain. You can view all the data on Etherscan and track the Token on CoinGecko

BURN on CoinGecko has doubled in price since launch 1 week ago!

As an example here is the swap trade explained from your phone. Trading for all practical uses could be replaced by an ecosystem like this. “Trade BURN using Enjin Mobile Wallet” by Burn Token

Join the team here for any further questions.

This is exciting times with the financial world as it changes and starts adapting to a new Digital Era.

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Morne Olivier




A Blockchain originally block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data.

Stable Coin

Stable Coins are Cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the volatility of the price of the stable coin, relative to some “stable” asset or basket of assets. A stable coin can be pegged to currency, or to exchange-traded commodities.

Deflationary Coin

In economics, deflation is a decrease in the general price level of goods and services. Inflation reduces the value of currency over time, but deflation increases it. This allows more goods and services to be bought than before with the same amount of currency.

The New Way of Trading and Earning a Passive Crypto Income




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Morne Olivier

#Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency | #Freelance #Writer For #PassiveCryptoIncome #PCI by #MorneOlivier