SIRVIS All in One Services App for S.A. | Get Paid in the App


SIRVIS App | All in 1 Services App

Are You still phoning that client that owes you R1000 from a job You completed 3 weeks ago?


What is it? SIRVIS is the All in One Services App

Why do You need it? You get Paid in the App

What will You get from it? Cash Flow!

“It’s the beginning of a new week and I wanted to spend a bit of time on my new SIRVIS Agency. Providing skilled services in South Africa is essential and knowing who to trust and how the payment of these services will go is crucial to the success of establishing a long-term work relationship with credibility. Equally important is the reputation and integrity of the consumer.”

The BIGGEST advantage for anyone, is the payment system!

Have you done the work, handed the invoice, and now you are waiting for that EFT? One of the biggest problems service providers have is not getting paid.

SIRVIS App | Invoice and Get Paid

SIRVIS Pro has:

· Instant payment upon completion and acceptance of Your work.

· A user-friendly invoicing and accounting system.

· Scheduling, Rating, and comprehensive Marketing plan to ensure customer growth. [SIRVIS Pro App is FREE to use, just download it!]

Connecting Services and Customers in your area.

“I decided to join this new venture as an Agent, to ensure the balance between the person putting in the hard work and giving a quality service is equally rewarded with the income they deserve.”

Sirvis helps you seamlessly Discover, Book, Schedule, Rate, and Pay over 140 different types of trusted, quality, reliable Service Providers in your area.

SIRVIS App | Categories

The Main Categories in the “All in One App” are:

Automobile, Beauty & Fashion, Child Care, Creative Design & Arts, Health & Wellness, Home & Property, Legal, Parties & Events, Pet Care, Professional Agent, Security & Protection, Self-Improvement, Technology

HOW DOES SIRVIS WORK? Here’s a summary.

Service Providers are trusted because we verify each Sirvis Pro and the community rates their work.


Open the app and search for the service type that you need, using our simple index and listing system.


Read about what other users say about any specific Sirvis Pro, check their rates, skills, and job photos.

Confirm a Sirvis Pro, get a calendar reminder, chat to the Service Pro without revealing your phone number, and Pay Securely in the App.

The Sirvis app automatically records your booking date, time, and Sirvis Pro, and reminds you when your appointment is coming up. This is essential when customers don’t show up, where you could have filled that time slot with one of many other customers.

SIRVIS App | More Revenue Less Hassle



Sirvis checks each in-home Sirvis Pro against the national police database.


Sirvis uses to verify the identity and nationality of each service provider.


Sirvis App users can post Sirvis Pro reviews as they complete jobs with star-ratings, comments, and photos.



Download the app free of charge. No charges for the rest of 2020!


Earn Sirvis credits when any of your friends join Sirvis using your referral link.


A comprehensive Marketing plan will drive paying customers and boost cashflow.

SIRVIS App | Sign up today

Becoming a Sirvis Pro will give you:

· Access to new customers who need your services

· Increased revenue and income

· Flexible working hours which you manage yourself

· A seamless booking and scheduling system

· A quick and easy credit card payment system

· Instant payment upon completion and acceptance of work

· A user-friendly invoicing and accounting system.

“I hope you found this interesting. I know trying out new things is difficult, and I know setting up shop on a new platform is extra work. I do however believe that we have made it super easy for anyone to register. I also believe that we are providing a solution to an age-old cash flow problem. Can you afford not to try the App? “


The SIRVIS Pro App is FREE to Download and FREE to use for the rest of 2020.

1. Download

2. Register

3. Enter Code: GSOCFY

Check out the Demo

SIRVIS Pro App Download for any questions.

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