My Cryptocurrency | My Investment and Passive Income for 2019: Part 2

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technology | W3 What, Where & Why

Please read my #Disclaimer as my articles are my own thoughts & ideas and Not financial advice. You should always “Do Your Own Research”, (#DYOR)

Recap on My 1st Tier Cryptocurrency Part 1

The 1st layer is my Foundation in my Triangle of Investments. I started building my portfolio with these Blockchain Platforms. #NEO #KOMODO #WAVES #ETHEREUM #EOS & #ARK

Some reasons why I chose them:

1. They are Large Blockchain Technologies which other companies in the world will build on.

2. Low Risk

3. They have the backing of their governments.

4. The platform is active in the form of Exchanges, Retail & Payment systems.

5. They offer Passive Income.

6. Privacy

My Second Tier (Medium Risk)


Categories for Mass Adoption:

Social Media! Who is not on their phones and typing away endless hours of content? Everyone! By just sharing content you can get rewarded. It’s that simple. As Blockchain develops, so will the DAPP’s on it. This gives me the perfect opportunity to get in from the start and build an online presence on the Blockchain for Passive Income Cryptocurrency, ( #PIC ).

Gaming! Who doesn’t like to play games? Most of everyone I know! Gamers understand tokens and how they fit into the various ecosystems they create. Therefore mass adoption in this category will be easy and well accepted in a very large global community. Again I have entered the vast realm of gaming from the start to build my passive income supply of real value tokens on the Blockchain. My preference Enjin (ENJ)

Other consists of:

Trade, Privacy, Lending, Retail, Data, Passive Income, Mining

My 2nd Tier of Investments is Medium Risk. They are not as Independent as my 1st Tier Blockchain Cryptocurrencies. Some are reliant on the success of the bigger Blockchains they are on or still small and in the process of developing and scaling Blockchains. They are working on Strategic Contracts with “normal” companies to ensure the integration of their Blockchain into a normal work case Internet usage. As the Web is moving to Web 3 & even Web 4 it will be highly risky for Companies in the world not to at the very least find out how these Blockchains can work and be integrated into their Businesses.

The Internet is developing at such a rapid rate and for good intention. Blockchain development will assist Industry in saving costs by working faster, making fewer mistakes, cutting out 3d parties, trust, privacy.

Does #Blockchains need #Cryptocurrency? — NO, it does not. Blockchains is a Web / Internet Technology that is in development to replace the current state of the Internet and its problems. Cryptocurrency is a means of providing a payment solution on a Blockchain in order to establish an” own economy”, separate from Fiat manipulation and unfair wealth distribution.

When discussing Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency, peoples first thoughts are, I’m going to lose money, it is not real money, so it doesn’t exist and it’s a scam….. No one bothers to find out more, the Questions we should all be asking when we enter into a new deal at work or buying a new car or house.

What is it going to do for me? In my view, Financial Freedom.

Why do I need it? In my view, it offers Large Growth Potential.

Where can I use it? In my view, I will be able to use this anywhere in the world, which intern opens up opportunities for me.

If you skip the Crypto part and start with the Blockchain you are 90% closer to your answers. To explain Blockchains to you I would suggest reading articles by Blockgeeks to get an idea of how Blockchains will fit into your business or our lives. Easy Google searches into Large Corporations like IBM, Amazon, Facebook will point out that they too are busy with an enormous shift in their infrastructures to try to integrate Blockchain into their existing platforms, either through necessity or for the fear of being left behind.

Small to medium-sized companies should see the GAP here because it is so much easier and less risky for smaller companies to take on new developments than it is for Larger Corporations. History reminds me of examples like Kodak, I remember doing my Photographic course as part of my Graphic Design studies and how we had to develop from a film in the darkroom / How Kodak didn’t embrace the Digital revolution and how we today think Cryptocurrency is a scam.

My 2nd Tier for Categories of Mass Adoption:

1. Social Media and Gaming in my view will be at the forefront for mass adoption of Cryptocurrency. Today you cannot move without checking your cell phone first to see who has shared what. This works for business as well as social interaction.

2. App’s on the current internet will fall away in the future to be replaced by DAPP’s on the new Web.

3. My current Social Media Platforms: #ONO (ONOT) my Eastern Gateway to the world still to be launched on the EOS Mainet, #BRAVE (BAT) my Western Gateway to the world and new to the list is #MurMur on the EOS Blockchain. I have new ones to set up and will share them as my articles continue. #PIC

4. Gaming: Enjin my Gaming Gateway to the Crypto world. Call me Bias to this Platform but really they are leading the Gaming Pack into integrating Blockchain Cryptocurrency with games. #PIC

5. Trade, Privacy, Lending, Retail, Data, Passive Income, Mining:

These are all Industry related and will take longer than our above-mentioned platforms to get integrated into society, with Regulation Issues and the big question that scares the Fiat component.

· What will happen with my physical money?

· How can I regulate this Currency so that I can manipulate it to my advantage to stay in control of the others.

The top layers of the Tier get a little more integrate but none the less are still very important in creating a balanced portfolio.

“When entering the Crypto market you should not be fooled about your own intentions.” Me


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