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ENJIN Crypto Smart Wallet


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Why Gaming will Lead to Cryptocurrency Adoption?
Why do I think this? Well if you know gaming, you’ll know Gaming Platforms are run on Token Economics. Gamers understand better than anyone the value that skins can hold, how hard it is to achieve top-level scores and earning the right to special offerings on multilevel platforms.

The bigger picture allows one to stand back and see where your industry (The New Internet — Blockchain), would lead your business (Gaming Industry). As it stands the Internet as we know it will be replaced by Web3/4 #Blockchain #Technologies and a Token #Cryptocurrency Economy in the gaming industry is just being realistic.
This adds real-life value to the recipe inside a 134.9 Billion Dollar Gaming success with no boundaries for the future.
I don’t know any person that would turn down the opportunity for earning money while playing their favorite game. But this is #Crypto “the unknown landscape” too many.

For someone that’s New to #Cryptocurrency entering with gaming would not be scary or intimidating, but rather a soft entry.
At the moment no one understands it better than Enjin and Enjin Coin. Enjin will help revolutionize the Blockchain Crypto Market with one “simple” tool — The Enjin Wallet.

Enjin Gaming Solution to Cryptocurrency adoption

Based in Singapore, Enjin was founded in 2009 and now well established.
Enjin understood the transition that needed to take place on the internet landscape and now they have delivered.

The Enjin Wallet | The Blockchain Gaming Wallet with Real World Solutions — Does just that!
Enjin Coin (ENJ) is an ERC-20 Token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. In Enjin’s foresight, the development of a Side Chain called EFINITY to assist in scaling transactions, speed, and low costs.

ENJ ERC-20 Tokens will be used as the platforms token and additionally will be able to add value by minting virtual goods into ERC-1155 Tokens that will be compatible with both Ethereum and Efinity’s Blockchains.
The Enjin Wallet is very easy to use and visually pleasing UI will make adoption easy. Great support for any further questions can be found here at

Security didn’t go unturned.

Enjin Wallet Security

*You have features established like an onboard secure keyboard.

*A 12-word seed creation for every wallet you create.

*Fingerprint unlock.

*Screenshot blocking

*No Add’s

I love the QR feature to scan for your virtual items, I honestly don’t know how any wallet or Social Media Platform can function without one.

Further to Not being intimidating to new adopters is the newly added Kyber swapping mechanism. Trading has just become as easy as playing a game. Playing Crypto Token Swapping inside your Enjin Wallet can be profitable too if swapped correctly to a Crypto on an uptrend. I don’t even think you will know you are dealing with Crypto or money as such, but yet be able to cash out to fiat on any exchange whenever you want.

Here’s a quick overview of the Enjin Wallet Swap feature:

Some ENJ Tokens use cases are,

  • Storing your Virtual Gaming Collectables off course, ready to play, trade or mint.
Gaming Multiverse on Enjin

*Trade between same or different gaming platforms for liquidity.
*Community rewards with in-game goods.
*Minting by creating new tokens to represent virtual currencies, game items or privileges.
*Setup virtual goods stores.
*Be melted to retrieve the value.

Buying ENJ to send to your Wallet is also very easy. I send ENJ instantly to my Wallet now to help me trade and swap for other virtual items and or other Cryptocurrencies. I prefer using Kucoin as I the Exchange runs a Rewards program for their own Token #KCS.


My first introduction with Enjin was through searching for a game that had Cryptocurrency tied into it. I was looking at this because I wanted to get a game that I could play with my boys, creating a win, win for us all. They could learn and play a game and start seeing the possibilities to earn Crypto Money, real value and I could earn Crypto to build my portfolio and have some fun doing it.

Multiverse Games backed by Enjin ENJ

I found War of Crypto, a Multiverse Game Backed by Enjin. I bought two Crystals through my Meta Mask account, installed the Enjin Wallet, and opened a War of Crypto Wallet for my Collectables and a few days later had my first virtual items. I showed the boys, but the bug has not bit them yet as Minecraft and Fortnite still rules. I guess it will be up to me to point out the value and how great it is once these Multiverse games are out of testing before they get hooked.

Enjin has set the stage for any person to question why you would pay for a virtual item if not backed by ENJ that holds actual value.
This intern made easy by an Awesome Wallet that does everything in one place and is so easy to use it’s like playing a game. I still get so excited when hunting and scanning QR codes to be surprised by the next ENJ backed asset coming into my Wallet, I feel like a boy myself.

I will go into further detail on the Multiverse games soon.

Images courtesy of Enjin Coin

I use Referral Links for Cost Saving & Safety purposes to you. Any Passive Income earned from Links has 0% effect on your earnings thereafter.

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