Cryptocurrency, what do your friends say?


Morne Olivier

Friends of mine know that I have invested in #Cryptocurrency. Some family does, my parents don’t, my wife and boys do. It’s a difficult topic to discuss around the “braai”, almost like religion or politics; you would rather ignore it because of the diverse reactions you will get. We tend to start defending what we know, but what and how much of that topic is that really?

See the question here in my mind is how much do we really know? To what extent are we willing to go to defend our standpoint on one of those three topics based on what we have researched and experienced?

My first blog then will be exactly about that Cryptocurrency, the unknown! I am going to share with you what I have learned over the last year, what worked, what did not work, the stress, the FOMO, Twitter, why I have this obsession to make it work, why I want to share my knowledge with the public?

“Knowledge builds confidence and when we are confident enough we start to share that knowledge to develop the understanding of that topic.” Me

I will start with the latter, why share this with you? One half of me believe in #Blockchain #Technology. I believe it is the future of the internet. The other half wants to believe in Blockchain Technology because I have invested money into this unknown realm and I can’t afford to be wrong, two very different reasons.

So when people ask me “how are my Crypto investments going?” or “so Morne what is Bitcoin again have you seen those prices crash?” it is very difficult to answer them. On the one side, I want to say, brilliant I survived the Bear Market and invested my funds into the Blockchain Technologies I researched for a year and bought into them when they were/are at their lowest.


It’s a disaster, the prices keep on falling………. I am a manager in a retail store, what the hell do I know about Blockchain, Crypto what? My parents would say “Oooh NOO, what did you do? Another (very wealthy) friend of mine says it’s a “Ponzi Scam” ……….

So I stand there with a mouth full of teeth and say hmmmm “well not to bad hey, Bitcoin is the future! goo Crypto RAA raa”

Do you understand where I am coming from? Going back to my original statement on religion and politics I would argue well how much do we really know and this is the important part to understand, they have no interest in knowing, they are forming a standpoint on a topic they have not researched for one day let alone a year, so how do I answer them, how do you educate someone with a narrow-minded opinion or someone that is scared to step outside of their comfort zone based on what they know.

What I am doing here is also very scary for me as I am going to share my #Crypto experiences with you and don’t want to be responsible for you losing money, hence this is not financial advise #Disclaimer

But I trust what I have done enough to do exactly that, share my knowledge and experience in this unknown so that we can build on this new Technology frontier and for a change be at the bottom of the pyramid.

I am going to exit my 1st post with two notes:

1) Read my #Disclaimer

2) Asiff Hirji COO of Coinbase recently was interviewed on Money 2020 and this has been the best explanation on the topic I have heard, go have a look at the Tweet here

Coinbase COO explains Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in a few sentences

Give my Twitter handle a follow or look me up elsewhere to start getting a feeling about me and this vast, vast unknown.

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