Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Update

Business2Blockchain Branding WIP

Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Update


Hi everyone. The weeks are flying. I wanted to update the Blockchain community and of course everyone else interested in new innovative ways to use technologies, on what Business2Blockchain is currently actively busy with.

Besides aligning technologies with people and their ideas, Businiss2Blockchain is also undergoing a corporate identity change with a bespoke branding strategist. Interestingly enough, the lady does not know anything about Blockchain or nr new technologies but rather focused on the service I provide and how that message would need to be presented. A work in progress, that I will finalize soon.

What do we do?

Business2Blockchain is a partnership between the various aspects of setting up new solutions, projects, or innovative turnkey ideas, incorporating the latest technology stacks with due diligence. The technology stack and Blockchain solutions can easily be incorporated into current software systems through Open Source API Channels, which means very little interruption for corporates and businesses alike, looking to scale operations fast.

What do I do?

I’m what you would call, a Strategic Blockchain Technology Advisor, your gateway to finding solutions.

I map the concept into a realistic plan, with a visual connection to the underpinned software services and key partnerships. Establishing the right team and holistic synergy is a big part of the success of a start-up and or company.

It is also my job to educate with integrity on the subject. It is very important to understand where Blockchain Technology fits into the future software landscape and how or why it connects to Cryptocurrency or Not!

Table of Contents:

1) The areas Business2Blockchain works in.

- Information Integrity

- Security and Fraud

- Human Resources

- Fintech

- Tech Stack

We can accommodate Payment, Supply chain, Admin, Retail, Insurance, Property, Agriculture, Services, Ownership amongst others.

2) What’s next?

Realty2Blockchain Pty Ltd of course!

- Prepare

- Protect

- Own

- Transfer

3) Our way to create jobs — Become a Service Provider on SIRVIS App!

SIRVIS South Africa’s new Service providing App, Schedule, Work, Invoice, and Get Paid all in one App — No more admin and cash flow problems.

Business2Blockchain Branding WIP

Business2Blockchain Pty Ltd

A) Business2Blockchain | Information Integrity — Educational Facts

§ What is Blockchain?

In my own words “Data that gets secured into a sized unit until the unit (“Block”) is full. The next empty Block is created and filled with Data. The Blocks are linked. The Data is the information you store on-chain, just like on Cloud, DropBox, your laptop, or phone.” [1]

§ What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a Blockchain (a Distributed Ledger Technology) This means data and transactions, take place on it in a transparent, traceable, and immutable way. It is software technology with value — like a stock, or an asset class, it’s been around for almost 12 years.

§ What happens with transactions?

They get hashed (a form of securing the information, that allows for the immutable tracking — in this state it cannot be hacked).

-Cryptocurrency is speculative digital assets that can be traded. Digital Assets transfer value on Blockchains.

-Tokens are speculative digital tokens that transact on Blockchains. Tokens are commonly used internally, just like Rewards and Loyalty concepts, just with more added value.

On Web 2, the Internet as you see it now (Centralized — Don’t own your Data)

There are no brokers or people that are allowed to advise you or take your money and invest for you in South Africa. That’s that. South Africans can search here to see who holds valid FSP licenses, [2] On Web 2 the transaction is between you and the exchange you on-board. So keep a log of your transaction history if you do.

On Web 3, the New version of the Internet (Decentralized — Own your Data)

Trust Wallet App (Top International) — Digital Cryptocurrency Wallet WEB 3

Now let’s bring Fintech into perspective. “Financial technology is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.”

Fintech Services find innovative ways to use Web 2 and Web 3 solutions together

Cash App (U.S.) — Cash sending App that also enables you to Send / Receive / Tip / Donate / buy Bitcoin and Invest. All in one very easy App, that combines Web 2 and Web 3 services.

My closing thoughts…

Cryptocurrency should be regulated, but not just ring bounded because it’s the easy option to TAX it! Blockchain Technology should not be confused with Cryptocurrency as Blockchains are the vehicles to providing faster and more secure transactions to old legacy systems like Banks and Insurance institutions. Fintech provides ample proof of this.

Business2Blockchain Branding WIP

B) Business2Blockchain | Security and Fraud

This section of the company is currently a “Work in Progress”. There are several important partnership components to put together, in order to provide a unique holistic service. The services will include:

- Fraud

- Insurance

- Background Checks — Data Analysis & Data Science

The services will also spill over into Realty2Blockchain.

C) Business2Blockchain | Human Recourses

Our HR arm is also developing smoothly with partnerships being established to set up a “Resource Centre”, a massive undertaking to bring together a Global Database for Blockchain Technology Human Resources, driving female entrepreneurship.

D) Business2Blockchain | Fintech

- The Bmoney Wallet App Send and Receive Rand to anyone, anywhere, even without a bank account. The idea was nurtured, the right team put in place, and has gone to its developing phase. The key functionality of the wallet is to send and receive funds from one person to the next for free! The Tech is integrated on a South African Private Blockchain, which makes this one of the most sophisticated, but easiest wallets you could imagine.

The App will enable people to use the value of money in a whole new way in the future, with its core function to remit value to anyone easy, fast, and free. Private seed round is done. I was proud to accept the CIO role and become a partner in the company Bmoney2Blockchain Pty Ltd.

We have a Beta testing date for the end of October, I cannot wait!

“It is important to note that this is a turnkey functionality, meaning the concept of transacting stable coins on a Blockchain in the background with a front UI/UX in Rand or relevant Fiat is the value-added Fintech solution to enable the speed, borderless and cost-saving factors, scaling the solution past Bank offerings.

Again, this is a key component in any transactional workflow and will save companies billions”

- NPO Project

The emphasis is always to design an App that is super easy for the consumer. Our projects generally run in phases of added value. This has various advantages like ensuring the basics work and work well. Feedback is vital, and an Agile team is very important to ensure strategic changes happen fast. The choice of the technology stack is also very important as it allows for the right added value contributions in future phases.

In this project, we are using our turnkey stable coin for the transactional flow 1:1 with the Bank account and incorporating smart contracts to handle the equal contribution to the bouquet of NPO’s. A different chain in this case is being used as a value-added Procurement system that has been built on this Blockchain. The Procurement system will allow for the transparent, auditable supply to the NPO’s ensuring risk management.

We are also aligning key Capital and Advocacy partners. The Scale is Global. All in All, a great project to be involved with.

E) Business2Blockchain | Tech Stack

Our Tech stack is directly correlated to our Blockchain and Technology Partnerships and Bespoke Network, allowing us to make and match the perfect teams.

Business2Blockchain Branding WIP

2) Realty2Blockchain Pty Ltd


Realty2Blockchain is the proposed platform to combine future Property development and transfer services. The financial innovation that will scale its success through four verticals, using Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Four Verticals:

1. Prepare

2. Protect

3. Ownership

4. Transfer

Horizontal Range:

1. Validation

2. Procurement

3. Insurance

4. Loans

5. Digital Share Value Transfer

6. Fragmented Ownership

7. Deceased Estates

8. Token Economy

9. Peer-to-Peer Global integration

10. Stable Coin Transaction Workflow managing any of the above pay rails.

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

It is especially important to understand the difference between Blockchain and Digital Assets.

How they are used and managed in a workflow or supply chain.

How transactional value systems and pinpointed aspects of industries can be engaged separately to engage seamlessly, bearing legislation and other Governmental aspects in mind.

The whole Realty2Blockchain ecosystem is underpinned by a Blockchain payment solution run on Stable Coins connected 1:1 with the systems Bank account. In other words, Realty2Blockchain proposes to bring a Global network of New Property solutions to one platform with key partnerships that will ensure added value and future growth, scaling with the technology.

All the systems have a working App and Dashboard infrastructure for easy interaction.

Prepare: Risk and Validation Management from stakeholders to suppliers is crucial to the aligned success of the business model with the new Blockchain Technology toolkits. There are several Partners available to source and ensure reliable data integrity.

Blockchain Procurement services are launched on the Stellar Blockchain Network and comprise Supplier Management, Competitive Bidding, Smart Procurement, Vendor Risk & Compliance. The technology solutions drive process and cost efficiencies, enforcing operational resilience, through transparent, traceable, and immutable DLT workflows.

Protect: Insurance vehicles are introduced to align with the needs of the operations. Our new insurance toolkits all align with the digital assets landscape allowing it to interact and grow its own ecosystem but be able to connect with current systems through open-source API protocols.

The Insurance market for the future stands to be open and ready for exploration. Data Risk management is a future segment to scale to and becomes easy as we test our capabilities in protecting ours.

Ownership: This is but the easiest component in the lifecycle of Property Asset Management on Blockchains. The functions are represented on Apps or Dashboards to make it easy for the consumer or Supplier to understand and use. The UI/UX component shows nothing of a complex technical Blockchain Solution, but on the contrary, executes an inexpensive value transfer solution across all platforms.

Transfer: Asset Transfer, OTC, or Deceased Estates brings together a full circle solution, creating an execution of transfer Globally possible.

Ventures for the future. This is my next area of engagement and I invite any interested parties to strike up a conversation with me, but not on how we are going to do this, but rather when we are going to do this! These areas of the industry are jumping up and down for a reshape and scale, all we need is the right partnerships and creativity.

Anyone willing and with product ideas is welcome to contact me so that we can plan and structure this industry.

3) SIRVIS Agency

SIRVIS | All in One Services App

Our way to create jobs — Become a Service Provider on SIRVIS App!

SIRVIS South Africa’s new Service providing App, Schedule, Work, Invoice, and Get Paid all in one App — No more admin and cash flow problems. In response to a deeply damaged economy, I have signed on with SIRVIS to assist in a services App that will enable service providers to schedule, work, invoice, and get paid, all in one App.

Creating jobs in a time where it is so needed. My biggest drive in taking on a South African micro job agency, is to help uplift the lower-income economies of South Africa through a few easy steps.

SIRVIS Pro App | Here is a summary of what we are looking for

1. Do you have service providers knocking on your door asking for work? or…

2. Do you have a database of reliable service providers, you know are struggling, and would like to help?

3. Do you have service providers that work for you and you want to manage them in 1 easy App? (Estates, Complexes, Malls, Function Venues)

§ All in one Services App for Trusted & Reliable Service Providers in your area.

§ Service Providers don’t have to turn to Social Media Groups & ask for work.

§ Service Pro’s: Load Profiles list their skills, post references & pictures, get rated, & get discovered.

§ Deliver your services within 140 categories in your area, (with map).

§ Consumers can discover, research, select, & complete a transaction with anyone on a mobile.

§ Automated process: Find, Review, Book, Track, Invoice, Pay & Rate.

§ The automation includes Invoicing & Accounting, setting your rates, scheduling, instant secure payment, withdraw to the bank, professional & personal insurance.

Why would customers like this?

§ Saves time & effort

§ SIRVIS satisfaction warranty

§ Verified approved providers

§ All services in one App

Why would Service Providers like this?

§ Attract new customers

§ Accept card payments (Fees included)

§ Built-in insurance

§ Flexitime and area

§ Custom marketing in 1 App

SIRVIS | Allin One Services App

The Services Industries:

Automobile, Beauty & Fashion, Child Care, Creative Design & Arts, Health & Wellness, Home & Property, Legal, Parties & Events, Pet Care, Professional Agent, Security & Protection, Self-Improvement, Technology.

List of Categories:

Access Control, Advertising, Appliance Repair, Armed Response, Audio Visual, Barber, Better Me, Catering, Child Minders, Cleaners, Coaching, Computers, Cosmetic Specialist, Décor, Design Services, Direct Services, Direct Marketing, Electrical, Emergency, Entertainment, Face & Skin, Fitness, Glass & Windows, Hair Removal, Hair Styling, Hands & Feet, Home Care, Home Improvement, Home School, Insurance, Landscaping, Lawyer, Medical Services, Mlm, Mobile Tech, Networking, Outfit, Personal Finance, Personal Health, Personal Image, Pest Control, Pet Services, Plumbing, Pool Care, Protection, Real Estate, Services, Software, Technology, Tutor, Vehicle Care, Vehicle Repairs, Venue, Writing Services

SIRVIS video

SIRVIS Pro App Download, register using this code: GSOCFY in three easy steps.

Contact me, your SIRVIS Agent for any questions.

That’s all for now. Have a great week everyone and stays safe.

Morne Olivier

Strategic Blockchain Advisor

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