Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates:

Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates:

#2 Business2Blockchain Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates:


Making Blockchain Technology Easy! Implement, Enable, or Build with Blockchain Software to Advance your Company or Product.

“My” Opening Remarks:

The last 2 to 3 months have seen some renewed and growing interest in the Cryptocurrency world. In fact, it has been led by a growing/spiking Stable Coin market, and a Global Central Bank Digital Currency, (CBDC) “hype, as regulators scramble for a piece of the pie. Countries Reserve Banks around the World “have been researching…… been ready…… been launching….. CBDC’s for the last 3 years, but still nothing really concise as it seems the commercial hype around it is far greater than a reality of sharing a Global currency and all the bureaucracy that would go with that.

And in-fact why go through all that pain if you have Stable coins in place doing all the work anyway. All a bank has to do is switch on a Blockchain integration, connect to Global addresses, do some testing and 4 weeks later they are running on a Global Chain, with stable coins transacting for a “tenth” of the Cost, Up to 60sec/Tx Global reconciliation, and on an Immutable Distributed Ledger, with automated audit trails and pre-determined workflow executions through smart contracts. — Whooh!

Where am I going with this?

It’s only the humans that hold on to their prescribed mythologies they wrote into action, keeping them back from scaling ahead. Living in a comfort zone is nice, but not always what we need.

As Global payment systems are on the rise and Fintech Entrepreneurs start taking advantage of the massive gaps between laden Banking systems and their customers, (amidst a Global Pandemic), it is no surprise that the successes of these payment solutions find traction.

Put these value transfer, P2P sharing ecosystems on a Blockchain and there is very little that a Bank can do to stop it from losing customer share. Well, the only thing the Banks become useful for at this stage is its ability to hold consumer cash through legislation, and this is after all key to the consumer that the value of “paper” is recognized.

I can relate, as we are about to launch a Money sending App in South Africa,

(Bmoney App — “Me to You”), it holds all the intrinsic values of what PEOPLE NEED. The team is Agile and have been able to compare Global Payment start-ups to identify shortcomings.

Bmoney App will offer in phase 1:

- P2P Freemium sending & receiving, South African Rand, with some unique profile on-boarding functions

- Card & EFT) on-board.

- Voucher on-boarding.

- QR Code sharing

- Social Pay

- Cryptocurrency (not a primary feature) on-ramp through on-boarding

On the front UI, unsophisticated, Easy and straight forward sending money from Me to You, But on the back end, a very sophisticated highly scalable Blockchain Engine, transferring 1000’s of Stable Coin transactions per second.

Now Phase 1 is pretty basic, with some new twists, but the secret lies in the package and how the Technology will be scaled, “The Vision of an Agile Fintech Team” and realizing its positioning in a Financial Regulated arena.

As long as we have these two components, the Fintech Revolution and the Regulated institutional Banking Systems, will we have to hold hands and work together? There, (in my mind), is no one breakaway concept that will survive at this stage.

This brings me to my main story……..Ethereum and DeFi, yes, what a story!

*Our Main Story:

Ethereum and DeFi

Has Ethereum evolved from Crypto Kitties in 2017?

Vitalik Buterin promised solutions for scaling Ethereum, by Sharding and Staking — 8 June 2018

Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin statement for Ethereum as a company to reduce its fee structure by burning base fees to reduce miners’ reliance on transaction tariffs -22 July 2020

Of great concern is Ethereum and its network's inability to perform better as its volume transactions increase, in fact, it is still exactly the opposite. I also find Mr. Vitalik’s explanations are also far from, let’s say a VISA statement would be, in comparison.

Ethereum and Bitcoin fee’s are a source of price and demand. Higher fees attract miners to process them first.

The Ethereum Ecosystem

The Ethereum Gas price went above 100Gwei for any possibility of a transaction, shooting to over 300Gwei at stages. Fee’s reached over $20k ETH/day. In layman’s terms, where I normally would pay around $1 for a transaction, I saw $41 at some stages through Uniswap on my Trust Wallet.

One of the biggest culprits on Ethereum is Uniswap.

Uniswap charges 0.3% fee’s on each trade on their platform for its Liquidity Pools. Uniswap got busy, (like Crypto Kitties) and done… Ethereum got Bust with people’s funds hanging as the fee was too high or the trade just would not go through.

I found no real statement from or Ethereum for curbing this problem.

If you are interested here is the Audit trail

Key Ethereum Take Away:

1. As Transaction Increase — So does the Fee charge, (driven by demand) and even more so on Uniswap!

2. Uniswap’s Busy Network is amplified by its Total Fee count, which includes 0.3% and is, therefore, less than propagated. The fact that it ranked as one of the busiest trading platforms was a proud one, not a misfortunate one if you were paying the fee’s

3. Reminds me of #playinggames.

Something Relative:

“There are better Blockchains out there. This is where my services come in as Business2Blockchain filters these options to match the right chain with the right client, with the right product.”

M Olivier

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Business2Blockchain Consultancy

Business2Blockchain Consulting

Another busy week lies ahead.

1. Information Integrity:

Consultation on a few projects are coming to a close, and a drive to source new and exciting people and companies, that want to know more or find out how they can build or incorporate Blockchain Software into their ecosystems take priority again.

2. Security and Fraud:

I am busy trying to finalize a partnership with a hands-on team dealing with Fraud breaching investigations for Companies. If you are a Company suspecting Fraud on your Network, we would have the best Point of Start for you.

From my perspective, I did not just want to sell a Cyber Security Software or automated “Pen Tests. I like a hands-on approach and an audited style outcome to improve.

3. Human Resources:

Our Recruitment plans are coming on with 10 South African Ladies chosen for a US. based Scholarship, (details will follow by the end of August). From here we will build on taking in CVs and matching them with Company expectations. This is a Global focus, so communication from anyone on both sides, (Employee or Employer) is welcome.

Micro GetSIRVIS placement App is in Beta testing, and I have taken on an Agency role to facilitate onboarding and direction. This for now is a South African initiative to boost the economy with a boost in job creation.

4. Fintech:

We are always looking for new and exciting projects to build. This could be in many forms, but new products would be derived from a Blockchain Solution and presented in an App or Dashboard. Be creative or just upgrade your existing Tools to a Blockchain and scale your product, its that easy.

5. Technology Stack:

Realty2Blockchain Pty Ltd:

My new company is looking to expand and will be looking for partners!

Key Business models to target:

1. “Deceased Estates” a long in the waiting design of mine, ready to disrupt incredibly old, slow Estate Services by totally automating the process, giving access and instant ratification.

2. “Digitizing Property” for easy, instant equity OTC trading and the ability to open this market to literally anyone.

3. “Real Estate Loans market, a Financing solution, let's think “Defi!

Take Away

- If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to send me a mail or connect to my DM’s.

- Grow & Develop your Business & new products now.

- See the problems, build one solution, and do it on a new Technology like Blockchain to enable you to scale over the next 5 years.

Something Relative:

Business2Blockchain’s company profile in the link, a 1-page summary.

*Featured Product:

Bmoney App

This week’s relatively easy for our Payments App, we are heading towards the wireframe design, make some choices, and get feedback from investors, and start building. Very exciting and look forward to sharing our product in Beta stage.

Take Away

- Send & Receive Money Easy

- Spend it from the App

- Introduce Bitcoin as an investment

Something Relative:

Here is a link to an article outlining the wallet app process


On that note, I hope you enjoyed the Business2Blockchains update and look forward to hearing from you in the comments, and please feel free to DM me for any questions or opportunities.

Best Regards


#2 Business2Blockchain Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates:


Making Blockchain Technology Easy! Implement, Enable, or Build with Blockchain Software to Advance your Company or Product.

My Opening Remarks:

Central Bank Digital Currency / Stable Coins / Banks can just switch on.

Main Story:

Ethereum, Insane Fees | Volume = Expensive.

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1. Information Integrity:

2. Security and Fraud:

3. Human Resources

4. Fintech

5. Technology Stack

Featured Product:

Slightly Biased here, our Bmoney App

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