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08/09/2020 — Issue 4

Making Blockchain Technology Easy! Implement, Enable, or Build with Blockchain Software to Advance your Company or Product.

Opening Remarks:

Going into September I wanted to pick up on some figures and values that make the World go round. How one can still see the light in Big Business growth and using that information to make the right choices.

Our Main Story: Figures and Values

South Africa

[5 Million] South Africans is the figure expected of S.A. citizens that will be using the South African Revenue Service (SARS) new MobiApp to file their tax returns.

“Making it easy for taxpayers

Through the increased use of third-party data, SARS will be completing your tax return for you more accurately than ever. Where we have the required information, we will provide you with a proposed assessment without the need to file a tax return. This enables you to view, accept, or edit your proposed assessment from the comfort of your home or place of work using eFiling or SARS MobiApp.”

[R304.1 billion] (21%) lower than the initial 2020 Budget estimate (R1.425 trillion) in Tax revenue collections for 2020/21. Revenue shortfalls are said to include tax relief measures (R26 billion) due to COVID-19 relief packages and the expectation that the tax base will temporarily shrink as businesses close and jobs are lost.

To compare, in the USA:

[$41 billion] the May Revision State of California, baseline revenue estimate has decreased by over $41 billion. The changes in the three largest tax sources are: • Personal income tax (highest)• Sales tax receipts • Corporation tax

[R13.2bn] is the Naspers (31.1% Tencent) contribution of taxes in South Africa during the year. In April 2020 we donated R1.5bn in emergency aid to the Government´s response to the Covid-19 crisis. This comprised R500m to the Solidarity Response Fund.

To put this in perspective, here is Naspers 2019 contributions to South Africa in laymen’s terms.

Naspers’s total 2019 tax contribution to South Africa’s National Treasury is able to feed 77 146 children, finance 1 794 hospital beds and 481 doctors, 6 549 educators, 5 014 low-cost houses, and 6 327 police officers.

Naspers continues to expand its increased investments in Food Delivery, Payments, and Fintech.

Core segments remain: Classifieds grew 48%. Investment to build out our Transaction Business, which is growing fast — up 282%. Our Food Delivery business is scaling driven by strong demand and order growth, sighting improved efficiency, and customer acquisition.

Turning to Payments & Fintech, PayU grew revenue 19% (21%) year on year.

During the year we considered over 5,000 potential deals and executed on 54. Through Naspers Foundry we aim to invest R1.4bn in the next generation of outstanding South African tech start-ups in the coming years.

Naspers Labs is pioneering an innovative hyper-local program to tackle youth unemployment.

Something Relative:

This brings me to innovation and the need to look beyond the spiraling economies and get started on new and problem-solving ideas. When economies collapse as they have, they tend to open up creative ways of looking at how things where done, and ideas spring to mind on how we can improve those.

“Important to notice that building solutions do not always have to be expensive or mind-blowingly technical, but rather just need to fulfill the solution an end-user cares about.

Blockchain Software is a new technology that will enable, and scale current software systems. As the Blockchains develop, they become increasingly easy to integrate. This is where my services come in as Business2Blockchain filters these options to match the right chain with the right client, with the right product.”

Back Home: Business2Blockchain Consulting

Looking ahead this week.

1. Information Integrity:

Consultations are underway on a few projects on how we can incorporate Blockchain Software into current ecosystems. Licensing and Agreements become key factors when we finalize Legal Compliance.

On another note, from a safety and security perspective in a Business, is the Information or Data Integrity and how we can resolve any issues into a condensed automated format on a Blockchain.

2. Security and Fraud:

Data and Human Integrity goes hand in hand here. Human workflow Chains in our companies are as strong as the weakest link. The Human Link in the chain is 9/10 responsible for Data breaches.

1) Blockchain AI takes this pain point away as a trusted store of Value,

2) Our Fraud services would be able to track these breaches.

3. Human Resources & Job Creation:

Our Recruitment plans are coming on fine after our 10 South African “New Women in Blockchain” were chosen for the US. based Scholarship with Consensys Academy. We will be adding our Employee and Employer Services during September as we start to build out on our partnerships.

From a business perspective, if you are a leading company, looking at implementing Blockchain Technology, I would like to hear about it and start building a database of what your requirements would look like, you can just connect your HR Team and we’ll do the rest.

For the South African Micro Job Economy, I have taken on the Agency role for an All-in-One Get Services App that is available on Play Store. SIRVIS will list Service Providers for free for the rest of 2020 and link them to an in-App Customer base, to provide seamless scheduling, tracking, invoicing, payment, and rating ecosystem.

This will allow for a very much needed cash flow integrity.

SIRVIS Pro App Download

Register Profile

Enter Code: GSOCFY

Get Service Done / Invoice / Get paid in 1 App, Service Providers are checked and Trusted

They will wait a few weeks while we load Service Providers to enable a solid base to work from for the customers.

4. Fintech:

We are always looking for new and exciting projects to build. This could be in many forms, but new products would be derived from a Blockchain Solution and presented in an App or Dashboard. Be creative or just upgrade your existing Tools to a Blockchain and scale your product, it’s that easy.

5. Technology Stack:

Realty2Blockchain Pty Ltd: (My Future Baby)

My new company is looking to expand and will be looking for partners!

Key Business models to target:

1. “Deceased Estates” a, long in the waiting design of mine, ready to disrupt incredibly old, slow Estate Services by totally automating the process, giving access and instant ratification.

2. “Digitizing Property” for easy, instant equity OTC trading and the ability to open this market to literally anyone.

3. “Real Estate Loans market, a Financing solution.

If you need any assistance or would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to send me a mail or connect to my ‘DM. This requires only an idea and does not have to be expensive or complicated, in fact, I will uncomplicate it for you.

Be Creative:

- Grow & Develop your Business & new products now.

- See the problems, build one solution, and do it on a new Technology like Blockchain to enable you to scale over the next 5 years.

Something Relative:

Business2Blockchain’s company profile in the link, a 1-page summary.

Featured Product:

Bmoney App

This week for our Payments App, Designs were approved and we are now finalizing all our admin.

Take Away

- Keep it easy.

- Put some heart into it.

- Connect the dot’s

Something Relative:

Here is a link to an article outlining the wallet app process


On that note, I hope you enjoyed the Business2Blockchains update and look forward to hearing from you in the comments, and please feel free to DM me for any questions or opportunities.

Best Regards




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