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Morne Olivier
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Business2Blockchain Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates

24/08/2020 | Issue 3

Making Blockchain Technology Easy! Implement, Enable, or Build with Blockchain Software to Advance your Company or Product.

“My” Opening Remarks:

I must keep on reminding myself that there are people that know nothing about Blockchain and Technology for that matter. Not to their detriment, it just is not in their network. Although saying that Technology finds itself touching all of our lives. So why don’t they?

For me, it really comes down to

How we use it?

What do we do with it?

How we make it work for us?

Here it changes the game. In this context, it is Not about

What is it?

Why do I need it?

Who will use it?

This brings me to “Agility. Leda Glyptis wrote a great article on how people can be just people. How complacent we can become with our surroundings, even if we know they are to slow, to insufficient, to corrupt.

In this context, it challenges us to learn, to understand, to ask a question. It challenges us not to conform to “I don’t know, it has nothing to do with me, I can’t do anything about it?

On the flips side, we have “Knowledge Obesity” yes! People who can’t take enough information in, but then to their own detriment can’t do anything with it! Vee Global put it together in this analogy with Dom Price who can “coin this, “Acquiring Knowledge Obesity — acquiring knowledge without doing or knowing what to do about/with it. It’s like eating food without exercising.”

Two scenarios from the same source — Knowledge,

1) Just do not care to educate themselves, (but will still care to comment😊

2) Educates themselves, but don’t know what to do with it, (I think this goes a bit deeper into physical learning ability vs visual learning ability — for another time)

What am I getting at?

Challenge your surroundings, not knowing about something or making the effort to find out is simply not good enough anymore, especially with the World of Technology at your fingertips, you have No excuse. Think about improving your Social Media behavior from sharing mindless information to learning something new, to the point where you can share an informed piece of Knowledge with the ability to talk about it with confidence.

Then learn how you can use that knowledge to create something new and exciting. This is probably the more difficult part and can take on an organic approach. People and Conversation attract a Network. A Network means numbers, numbers brings us to the law of averages, and in that 1% chance, you could just make it happen!

This brings me to my main story and how people are taking initiatives Post-COVID (and I say people because people are behind companies…….. #timingiseverything

*Our Main Story:

VeChain partners with Travala

Now I am not going to re-write this so take a look at the article and thank you @vechain foundation for the summary.

But the key takeaways: (and think about this)

1) Post-COVID — The travel market is a disaster! But can we enable some Technology to make it easier for people and their assets to move around with them when they start traveling again?

Positioning and Timing is everything, here VeChain is setting up “shop.

Automate some processes, Scaled Loyalty, and Rewards systems? — Of course, we can, it’s called Blockchain Software Solutions and its ready to use, just ask!

2) If 30+% of the Worlds “middle class” will downgrade to lower income levels post COVID, are we looking at solutions to help bring them back to “middle class” levels again, of course, we are — We are launching a Micro Service App called GetSIRVIS to do just that! Just in South Africa for now — But give me a shout if you want to be involved.

3) Economies are slumping with the aftereffects of COVID Lockdown, Banks are suffering from plummeting profits. Can we see a trend on Fintech payment systems, Yes, we can! From my perspective, both Fintech and Banks have a great role to play in the future of money and how people will end up using it. They will need to find the middle ground and where they can complement each other for the better of their communities they so solemnly serve.

Are Banks finding out how they can change onto new Technologies like Blockchain, quick and easy, I think so, (but it sounds like they want to re-invent the wheel, although, there is not much transparency really >00<

I’d love to know more @absa @standard @nedbank @fnb

What are we doing about it? Well, we are building an App, of course, to send money to anyone for free! Why would we want it any other way?

I am of course referring to our Bmoney Wallet App launching in October for South Africans to send and spend #BrilliantMoney and become #BmoneyWise

Something Relative:

“Blockchains is a new software that will enable, and scale current software systems and it is becoming increasingly easy to integrate. This is where my services come in as Business2Blockchain filters these options to match the right chain with the right client, with the right product.”

M Olivier

Back Home: Business2Blockchain Consulting

Another busy week lies ahead.

1. Information Integrity:

Networking and Consultation are underway on a few ideas on how we can incorporate Blockchain Software into current ecosystems. Information, (Data) here is a key factor to look at. Generally, Admin is the 1st place to find pain points to resolve into a condensed automated format on a Blockchain.

2. Security and Fraud:

Admin Data goes hand in hand here, as with the extended Human Chains we built in our companies, comes Human Links. The Human Link in the chain is 9/10 responsible for Data breaches.

For 1) Blockchain AI takes this pain point away, 2) You will soon be able to enquire on our Fraud services to track these breaches.

3. Human Resources:

Our Recruitment plans are coming on with 10 South African “New Women in Blockchain” chosen for the US. based Scholarship, (details will follow in September). We will be adding our Employee and Employer Services in September.

To Kick Start the South African Economy, I have taken the Agency for a Micro Get Services App launching in September. GetSIRVIS will list Service providers from a Freemium package with a Customer base, to provide seamless tracking, rating, payment, and invoicing directly in the App.

4. Fintech:

We are always looking for new and exciting projects to build. This could be in many forms, but new products would be derived from a Blockchain Solution and presented in an App or Dashboard. Be creative or just upgrade your existing Tools to a Blockchain and scale your product, it’s that easy.

5. Technology Stack:

Realty2Blockchain Pty Ltd: (My Future Baby)

My new company is looking to expand and will be looking for partners!

Key Business models to target:

1. “Deceased Estates” a, long in the waiting design of mine, ready to disrupt incredibly old, slow Estate Services by totally automating the process, giving access and instant ratification.

2. “Digitizing Property” for easy, instant equity OTC trading and the ability to open this market to literally anyone.

3. “Real Estate Loans market, a Financing solution.

Take Away

- If you need any assistance or would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to send me a mail or connect to my ‘DM.

- Grow & Develop your Business & new products now.

- See the problems, build one solution, and do it on a new Technology like Blockchain to enable you to scale over the next 5 years.

Something Relative:

Business2Blockchain’s company profile in the link, a 1-page summary.

*Featured Product:

Bmoney App

This week for our Payments App, we are heading towards the wireframe design, make some choices, get feedback from investors, and start building. Also starting the “Honeymoon” period of design time, putting concepts and content together to prepare all the channels for launch

Take Away

- Keep it easy.

- Put some heart into it.

- Connect the dot’s

Something Relative:

Here is a link to an article outlining the wallet app process


On that note, I hope you enjoyed the Business2Blockchains update and look forward to hearing from you in the comments, and please feel free to DM me for any questions or opportunities.

Best Regards


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