Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates


Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates

14/09/2020 — Issue 5

Making Blockchain Technology Easy! Implement, Enable, or Build with Blockchain Software to Advance your Company or Product.

Opening Remarks:

Last week we looked at some bleak financial figures and values. Global GDP performances for Q2 shows a staggering (q/q%) from the top: India -69, UK -59.8, Belize -56.4, Spain -55.8, Malaysia -51.3, and South Africa at -51.0 at number 6.

Singapore takes 13th spot with -42.9, Canada takes 19th -38.7 & the US at 29th with -31.7%

“Figures and Values” — Sending money to anyone, anywhere, cheap and quick.

With South Africa at [R304.1 billion] (21%) lower than the initial 2020 Budget estimate in Tax revenue collections for 2020/21 and the South African Government not coming up with any significant plans for transparent restructuring in the future. (COVID-19 / Yes, I know, but can we blame COVID for everything, or was it a method of “nature” to fast track the inevitable? [1]

In the South African landscape last week, it was seemingly okay for political party leaders to order an attack via Twitter on a South African pharmacy retail store Clicks, destroy private property at will, and then get compensated for it. It seems to be okay for public infrastructure to be broken down and then tendered to be rebuilt by inside tenders. It even seems to be okay for prominent Banks like ABSA to order 3d party companies to shut down competitors “pay gateways” in order to protect market share or…? (from Global Crypto [2])


This after collaborative participation between Banks and Fintech’s with the Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group (IFWG), without much to say after April 2020. Hardi Swart gives a nice overview of the Cryptocurrency landscape, (Digital Assets that transact on Blockchains), and how it is becoming more mainstream. [3]

The media is filled with people saying they are taking their money out of the country and or trying to leave. Statements like:

Statement: Open a bank account or invest offshore if you can!

Reply: How do I do that? (if you haven’t got the “privileged means, way or know-how”)…

The replies come back: Buy Bitcoin!

Business2Blockchain and Bmoney Wallet App

Why would you consider this?

It’s a Digital Asset class, it was established almost 12 years ago and has charted out a pretty well-recognized indication structure. It is traded widely and using it to pay for goods is becoming more widespread. It belongs to you exclusively as long as you hold the keys to your Digital Wallet, (like a banking App), and you can send it to anyone in the World for next to nothing, immediately. Compare this to a Bank or Brokerage, fees and withdrawal periods, it certainly brings about an appeal.

Governments are institutionally slow to restructure or amend laws. Banks are just about the same. Politics and Bureaucracy will never change, but when will enough be enough? Can we with new technologies like Blockchains, (Bitcoin is a Blockchain), make a difference, provide tools to Businesses and Companies to improve legacy systems, purely by adopting a different way of thinking and becoming smarter. I mean COVID forced companies to pull out of their brick and mortar blocks and now everyone is working remotely. Companies are saving millions at the right time. Makes you think why they didn’t start this process before…mindset?

In today’s times with the internet at our disposal, not doing the research before you invest in a product or adapting to the way you think is just not clever. Yes, there are pitfalls to watch out for. Generally speaking, humans are the ones to watch out for. If someone is advocating a massive return that they can get you by investing through them or sending them money and they will send you double back — well I mean really, 99.9% it is not trustworthy!

South Africans can search here to see who holds valid FSP licenses, but they are not able to give you advice on Cryptocurrency, as it is not yet finalized in law. This is not to say you can’t buy it. If you have done your research and you are happy to hold onto, say… Bitcoin for example or use it to send to family or friends as a form of remittance, it becomes an option to look at.

I was prompted to put some information on how to do this in a safe way as there are still many people out there asking “but how”, and then turning to Google for the quick answer, before actually researching it properly.

So if you want to buy (let’s use Bitcoin as the example) to send a friend or family member anywhere in the world, (to help pay for bills or sending a gift) you would:

Payment Solutions on Blockchains

[Disclaimer: This is not Financial Advice. This is a quick procedure you would follow to send someone “value” for exceptionally low costs, fast and anywhere. *These links contain referrals from me to the trusted sites.]

I’ll leave some local (S.A.) and International options below. BTC is an example.

What you do: [Nr1]

1. Register yourself on a local exchange.

2. After KYC, Send your local currency to the Exchange.

3. Exchange it to Bitcoin BTC. (BTC/FIAT — Market order — Select how much)

What you’re friend or family member does: [Nr2]

1. Register on a local exchange.

2. After KYC, Copy and send your public receiving Bitcoin address to [Nr1] (anyone can see this address)

[Nr1] opts to send Bitcoin from the Exchange and pastes the receiving address from Nr2 in the designated area. Enters how much BTC to send and sends.

[Nr2] Receives the BTC and can now exchange it into their local currency on the exchange and cash out.

If either decides to leave them some BTC in case, they transfer it to their Digital Wallets Apps where it is safe under their key control, (even if the phone is lost or wallet deleted, it can always be retrieved with the keys). Open a wallet address in your Digital Wallet which will hold the keys, (password) to the wallet & store your Bitcoin.

The registration and KYC will be country-specific and also depend on the amount that you will be sending, so plan for that. Once the registration part is out of the way spend some time on the exchange website to familiarise yourself and go through their FAQ and tutorials so that you are comfortable with your new surroundings.

After the first few times, this should not take you longer than 15 minutes if you are going through the exchange. If you are sending BTC direct from your Digital Wallet up to 30 seconds.

Blockchain Solutions

Up to 30 seconds, that is really what it is all about, sending someone $100 or R1000 within 30 sec anywhere in the world for a couple of cents. There is nothing else to it.

VALR (S.A.) — Send from your Bank Account & Exchange

Binance (Top International) — Exchange (Recently opened offices in South Africa for direct Deposits)

Trust Wallet App (Top International) — Digital Cryptocurrency Wallet

Now let’s bring Fintech into perspective. “Financial technology is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.”

Cash App (U.S.) — Cash sending App that also enables you to Send / Receive / Tip / Donate / buy Bitcoin and Invest. All in one very easy App.

Bmoney Wallet App (S.A. Coming Soon) — Rand Cash sending App that is built on a Blockchain to make sending and receiving money Free, Fast, and Easy. We will also have a money spending card and a Bitcoin buying gateway.

Bmoney App

Here is a link to an article outlining the wallet app process

“In realizing the differences Fintech solutions are combing services that people need in easy and efficient ways, and taking Bitcoin into context again, means the transaction can happen freely and easily between anyone in the world.”

What is a Blockchain

What is Blockchain? [4]





Something Relative: Blockchain

Blockchain Software is a new technology that will enable, and scale current software systems. As the Blockchains develop, they become increasingly easy to integrate.

This is where my services come in as Business2Blockchain filters these options to match the right chain with the right client, with the right product. Important to notice that building solutions do not always have to be expensive or mind-blowingly technical, but rather just need to fulfill the solution an end-user cares about.”

Back Home:

Business2Blockchain Consulting

Looking into this week.

1. Information Integrity:

Busy week with meetings and planning going into new projects that are unfolding, specifically on the HR, Home Loans, and Brokerage front with some amazing White Label solutions! “Want to know more?” My email is at the bottom.

2. Security and Fraud:

WFF meeting is set.

3. Human Resources & Job Creation:

Our 10 South African “New Women in Blockchain” that was chosen for the US. based Scholarship with Consensys Academy has settled in. I will start the articles with them and the Haiti team soon.

The Human Resources site is being planned and a technical female database established. If you are going to implement Blockchain Technology, I would like to hear about it so that we can start building your database.

Our Community driven project:

For the South African Micro Job Economy, I have taken on the Agency role for an All-in-One Get Services App that is available on Play Store. SIRVIS will list Service Providers for free for the rest of 2020 and link them to an in-App Customer base, to provide seamless scheduling, tracking, invoicing, payment, and rating ecosystem.

This will allow for a very much needed cash flow integrity.

SIRVIS App for Micro Job Services in S.A.

SIRVIS Pro App Download

Register Profile

Enter Code: GSOCFY

Get Service Done / Invoice / Get paid in 1 App, Service Providers are checked and Trusted.

They will wait a few weeks while we load Service Providers to enable a solid base to work from for the customers.

4. Fintech:

We are always looking for new and exciting projects to build on Blockchain Technology and scale your product, service, or company.

5. Technology Stack:

Realty2Blockchain Pty Ltd:

My new company is looking to expand and will be looking for partners!

Key Business models to target:

1. Deceased Estates a, long in the waiting design of mine, ready to disrupt incredibly old, slow Estate Services by totally automating the process, giving access and instant ratification.

2. Digitizing Property for easy, instant equity OTC trading and the ability to open this market to literally anyone.

3. Real Estate Loans market, a Financing solution.

4. Rental Market.

If you need any assistance or would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to send me a mail or connect to my ‘DM. This requires only an idea and does not have to be expensive or complicated, in fact, I will uncomplicate it for you.


On that note, I hope you enjoyed the Business2Blockchains update and look forward to hearing from you in the comments, and please feel free to DM me for any questions or opportunities.

Best Regards


Morne on LinkedIn





#Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency | #Freelance #Writer For #PassiveCryptoIncome #PCI by #MorneOlivier

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Morne Olivier

Morne Olivier

#Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency | #Freelance #Writer For #PassiveCryptoIncome #PCI by #MorneOlivier

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