Business2Blockchain Update | Available Payment Solutions

Business2Blockchain Update | Available Payment Solutions


We passed the halfway mark of 2020 and what a year it has been so far. After registering Business2Blockchain at the end of 2019, resigning from my “safe career job”, till now, pushing through the hours with an instinct that has driven this success of my choice. Not easy though, I’ve had to provision a 6-month income, before making the choice, I’ve had to trust a network of people from all over the World to make an income possible from, and I’ve had to rely on being patient, as I learned how my company format would take shape.

“I’m a great believer in the organic flow of things, letting the dynamics mold the concept while steering it in the right direction”. The same goes for people and how their personalities fit into Companies, Businesses, and Partnerships, one wrong dynamic could derail the whole vision, but blend the balance right and you have a recipe for success.

In a booming Fintech space, we find ourselves with new tools like Blockchain Technologies, that is scaling the financial sector to new highs. Yes, correct, it is no longer if Blockchain will, or can Blockchain add value, it is doing it now, and if you still wondering what it is or thinking it is a Cryptocurrency, the chances are some young 20 year old will come careering past you soon enough, taking your business and profits as fast as just that. All we really need is an idea, (just a new way of adding value to an existing older, slower way of doing things), and off we go, the Tech is available and ready.

Partner it right and you can have a brand-new Fintech company within 4 months, and one earning you a fair income in 8, (well give and take😊. I think it is that easy, (with the right recipe of course). This is but one example of many if you start thinking about how we can adapt the front end to any business model, with the key difference of using Blockchain software as an integration.

Here are some Scenarios:

Accounting & Credential Integrity: Allowing you to track Invoices, Expenses & Important Documentation in Real-Time, Globally. The items are tokenized & secured on the Blockchain, visible in real-time.

Employee Shares, Rewards, and Loyalty programs: Allowing you to issue shares, pay dividends/rewards, identify, and manage ownership. Gives you access to Digitizing any Asset, Stock, or Commodity, enabling you Globally.

“A perfect example is with a product I am busy with “Bmoney Wallet App” going to its UI/UX development stage. After Registering the Company the Share Holders’ certificates will be held digitally, within the Blockchains Legal framework. The Company Register becomes a digital asset and the predetermined shares are allocated to each individual's wallet. The Companies shares and share value are at all time visible through the Blockchains dashboard, which also offers an App solution 😉 and a great OTC counter allowing you to trade your shares as you wish, in real-time, of course.

This then places absolute control in the shareholder's hands, saving initial lawyers costs, and 3d party fees, with access to immediate trading and funds.”

Insurance, Estate, Realty & Medical Gateways: I am so looking forward to someone coming to me and asking me to help them set this up. You will instantly take over an old mundane, stagnated industry that is specifically now with COVID-19 is struggling to get buy and will take a very long time to get going — Automate it! Get it on an App and out there. The fundamental difference is the structure that is integrated with Blockchain Technology. The software enables automation and legal components built into it. Access to Middleware Admin and Fund managers take all the pressure off.

Now, the project I spoke of earlier and product that has rocketed into being over the last 2 months.

Company Bmoney2Blockchain that I have accepted the proud role of CIO.

Here is a rundown of how we put this together.

Enter: The Bmoney Wallet App — A personal Money Management System

Motto: Be Your Own Bank!

Critical in the successes so far has been:

Team: engagement, pushing through to next round fast and precise, Clear vision. “Agile”

“in other words, we did not spend endless, hours on zoom meetings thinking how or if, discussing problems and or irrelevant pain problems, we communicated swiftly through processes, to take us to a once a week decision making a call, and got it done, in order to move to the next stage fast.”

Partnerships: Crucial placement of placing the different partners and team keeping the overall vision, timeline, and internal strategies aligned.

“Here Business2Blockchain could draw from multiple sources, that in their own creative way illuminated themselves from the ongoing process, leading us to strategic partners that fitted. The perfect Blockchain model was accepted, and this allowed us to clear enormous ground fast.”

[ (finally got our Website going, so this is still W.I.P. and in hindsight glad it is, I would have wasted time and money thinking that I could draw up a perfectly fitting site right from the start.) Welcome to send me some comments. I also finally settled on the theme color, my favorite warm orange and my easy to understand Business2Blockchain Logo (BC 😉)]

Private Seed Round: Done

Here is a summary of what the project with Blockchain infrastructure can do.

Bmoney — “Be Your Own Bank”

§ 2 Months from idea, concept, partners.

§ To Development of UI/UX on the 20th of July 2020,

§ An 8-week window for a soft launch and testing middle September.

§ The App is easy to use and the user interacts with the fiat currency of their choice. At first, this will be local to the South African Rand (ZAR), and will then phase out to connect UK & EU). The Blockchain capabilities on the back end enable fast, cheap, and transparent DLT.

§ The App will include P2P Money sending with some unique features for on-boarding and spending keeping the flow of transactions between the wallets. This will also include a Unique platform integration “SIRVIS” that connects freelance work with freelance jobs.

§ By November we will be ready for the Xmas Season and everything beyond!

§ Card launch and Global connection with various integrations.

Introduction to Bmoney Wallet App Vision:

The way humans interact with money is changing rapidly, from a pandemic that has highlighted how contact with cash can spread disease, to GenZ & Millennials who hardly know what it is to use cash, to the unbanked scared to carry cash.

The drive for Digital Money and Improved Payment Solutions has gained a lot of traction with Global Business and Investors, driving demand for these Improved Services. Viable Digital Payment market size estimations keep rising!

Global market size: $608 trillion

South Africa market size: $28 billion

The Bmoney Money Transfer concept aims to migrate everyday consumers from Paper money to Digital currency. This Fintech innovation team envisions a state of the art Digital payment technology that is easy to adopt, simple to use, and ultra-cost efficient.


The Key factors distinguishing the Bmoney Development:

1. FSP License to facilitate legal transactions and comply within a Global regulatory framework.

2. A Middleware Administration and Fund Managing ecosystem.

3. Blockchain API endpoints to innovate and quickly scale.

4. The API includes: (Registration, 2FA, Dividend distribution, Administering withdrawals, Fiat on-ramp, and/or execution partner.

5. Open Source API in an Ionic App for easy integration.

Enabling and Scaling Economies!

What we offer within the Bmoney App:

It is our vision to provide fractional, digital ownership to everyone and anyone that wants to transfer money with ease. The Key factors distinguishing Bmoney Wallet App, as a financial innovation that will scale it’s success through Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Key considerations:

§ Consumer UI Front End: Easy, Convenient, and Appealing.

§ Utilities: Partnerships enables Vast Product range and

§ Appetite for Fintech Innovation.

Key/Partnership: The Blockchain Ledger, distributing 1000’s of Transactions per second at ultra-low costs, with Legal integration.

Horizontal Range:

§ Various new integrations — Making On-Boarding easy, Basket variety to scale with.

§ Bootstrapping range.

§ Peer-to-Peer Money Send, (Freemium Tier objective).

§ Peer-to-Peer Global integration.

§ Card & QR Code Spend and Share.

§ Digital Assets Invest (BTC, ETH, etc.), as an optional extra — not a focus, but easy and cheap access.

§ Token Economy via Rewards and Loyalty.

§ The Product can be scaled into: Various Companies, Retailors and Communities.

§ Employee Share Schemes, Micro Loans, Instant Insurance

Bmoney: Be Your Own Bank!

Keys to Success

Bmoney is solving problems and becomes a utility provider. This coincides at a time where a shift in financial innovation is changing Global value transfer. As an innovation Bmoney and its Blockchain solution provides a scaled technology that surpasses legacy ecosystems, and equally manages to simplify its approach to the end-user, to enable market share growth.

Bmoney has partnered with a highly scalable Blockchain DLT Network that will enable it to do more and faster than its competitors. The team can be agile, learn, and adjust fast to socio-economic demands. The team can absorb and embrace transformation ensuring its reach.

I look forward to seeing this grow!

Now, more about Business2Blockchain | Business Model Consultancy

We make it easy to introduce & use Blockchain Technology with Your Software to Advance your Product or Company.

Distributing Ledger Technologies (DLT) is driven by Blockchain Software and Smart Contracts, cutting out 3d party hidden costs and slow data services. This does not mean that we get rid of 3d Party integration, we simply connect with them in more efficient ways.


As a Software Solutions Consultancy, we provide services in:

§ Data (Information) Storage, Development & Security,

§ Systems Integration Strategy,

§ Digitizing Assets & Digital Assets Funds,

§ Desktop & Applications, Build & Integration,

§ Project Management.

Business2Blockchain evaluation process to match your needs:

§ We Identify your Short Falls or Think Tank the Idea

§ Tailor the Solution or Design

§ Partner the Concept

§ Implementation and Aftercare

Business2Blockchain from scratch, concept to market

§ Author of the Business Model

§ Preparing Financing through Crowdfunding or STO

§ HR Requirements

“Software Consultancies are not new, but Blockchain Solutions are!”

Business2Blockchain offers a unique balance of

§ Blockchain Knowledge,

§ Partnership Integrity,

§ Broad understanding of Business Acumen,

§ Fast-tracking the Efficiency processes through our Partnerships.

Sustainable Growth & ROI is fundamental

OUR PROCESS & MOTTO: Keeping it Easy!

Our success ranges in our Blockchain knowledge and Partnerships. Blockchain technology brings two major benefits to existing Internet-based business services.

Trust, and Transparency and Offers:

§ Real-Time Data Access: DLT Services Track Outcomes that are Immutable and Transparent.

§ Increased Complexity: Multiple Entities can be included in Smart Contract Development.

§ Automating Basket processes and Vendor reconciliation, lowering costs further.

§ Remote Delivery: Provisioning Remotely with Open Source Services and IPFS infrastructures.

§ Even enabling “no data” services.

From the CEO

“I help bring it all together, I make sure I put the right people together, Keep the overall vision on course and Ensure we stay in line with Our Profile & Consumer expectations.

Our Goal as a Team: Trust, and Transparency.

Real-Time Data Transformation. Access to Open Source Communities and Partnerships to scale Development. Integrating Smart Contracts to Automate workflow & Reduce costs.

Morne Olivier”

Our Verticals are fully functional and can branch into many Industries. Creating the Use Cases for many Products to improve Your Business.

Attuned Vertical Focusses include:

§ Identification & Profile Management.

§ Human Resources Workflow.

§ Supply Chains Data Management.

§ Telecom Think Tank Accelerator.

§ Digitization of Securities, Equities & Bonds.

§ Financial Scaling with Decentralized Finance

Sustainable Growth in ROI

Blockchain reduces costs in Peer-to-Peer transactions & Data Integrity, improving services with Multiple users Globally. Permissioned to a Permissionless Blockchain services does not assume away transaction & agency costs, but pushes the transformation of the two, forming a more efficient economic entity.

Blockchain at Agency Level

Blockchain applications provide a framework for building trust through its consent mechanism, (Nodes Consensus). This allows individuals & organizations to operate in a more decentralized manner. Thus, by including blockchain in the current Internet infrastructure, the decision boundary of organization forms would extend outward.

Blockchain reduces costs in Peer-to-Peer transactions as stated. Internal agency cost is also affected, with reduced search & information and reduced policy & enforcement costs but increasing bargaining costs. The overall agency costs reduce since organization structures remain unchanged.

Here is some of our reach and the areas we work in:


Product Example: Load Credentials to Blockchain Software Integration

Use Case: Identification, Educational Facilities, HR, Royalty & Licensing

-Business2Blockchain can load Profile (ID) Data to a Blockchain for safekeeping &

-Enable the Data to communicate in a trustless environment with other software.


Education, Consulting, Placement, Management.

-Business2Blockchain offers Blockchain Knowledge through Courses & Consulting, &

-Will automate HR services securely and speed up the AI process to connect “A & B”


Estate Planning, Insurance, Placing your Assets, Equity, or Securities on Blockchain DLT.

-Business2Blockchain can load any Assets to Blockchain DLT to enable

-Fast, Global Exposure & Movement, which intern scales offset & stability in general.

Wallet APP:

Stable Coin Integration, Telecoms, Fiat On & Off Ramp Card Solutions &

Decentralized Index Fund Solutions.

-Business2Blockchain Finance Project/Product building capabilities with ready to use

Blockchain Software and or Full Stack Development Teams. Furthermore, we will allow

for easy access to new Financial Services.

Royalty & Licensing Integrity:

Profile & Data Management.

-Business2Blockchain can integrate ready-made “Plug & Play” solutions to combine

current software to a secure & transparent Blockchain Network, scaling it with

Smart Contract to automate the payment process.

Supply Chain:

Data Management and Software Integration.

-Business2Blockchain can integrate Blockchain DLT into any current

Supply Chain Networks to scale the operations integrity, workflow & cost reduction.

About Smart Contracts: Digital Contracts

Smart contracts are lines of code that are stored on a blockchain and automatically execute when predetermined terms and conditions are met. They are improvements to “paper contracts”.

They are faster, cheaper, and scalable. Their benefits are typically used to enforce some type of agreement so that all participants can be certain of the outcome, without an intermediary’s involvement. Smart contracts help improve Corporate Governance and the execution time of transactions significantly, increasing transaction volume rapidly.

Smart Contracts codes are transparent and can be inspected and audited by anyone.

If you want to know more or Find out Why and How Business2Blockchain can help You and Your Business with Blockchain Software Solutions:

I am Morne Olivier and you can reach out to me here:

or find me on LinkedIn here

Morne Olivier

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