Business2Blockchain | Monthly round-up September

Business2Blockchain Strategic Blockchain Advisory

Business2Blockchain | Monthly round-up September


Hi everyone. Another month has passed, and again nice and busy with new projects rolling in. This has been great for Business2Blockchain, as we move from defining the company’s functionality and purpose. I am glad I took an open-minded approach, to fully understand and grow with my new company. Our established networks and collaborations over the last few years have proven invaluable and foundational to our “matchmaking” offering.

As a result, one of our core services then, allowing us to help match and build products and projects with the right Blockchain Technology partners.

Business2Blockchain | What do we do?

What do we do?

Business2Blockchain is where you would go to build a product like an App or incorporate your software with the latest Technology. Blockchain is a relatively new software that mostly runs on the back end of a system to make the data information transparent, traceable, and immutable. Easy integration through Open Source API advances our integration and tool management.

Business2Blockchain | What do I do?

What do I do?

“I’m what you would call, a Strategic Blockchain Advisor.

I take the ideas, projects, and products that people or companies have, and match them with the right technology, be it Blockchain or not. But I do specialize in Blockchain Technology because all future software systems will either have it or be a part of it.

It is also my job to educate with integrity on the subject.

It is very important to understand where Blockchain Technology fits into the future software landscape and how or why it connects to Cryptocurrency or Not! — Morne Olivier”

Business2Blockchain | Network

The areas we work in.

- Information Integrity

- Security and Fraud

- Human Resources

- Fintech

- Tech Stack

We can accommodate Payment, Supply chain, Admin, Retail, Insurance, Property, Agriculture, Services, Ownership amongst others.

In the monthly Round-Up

1) Scams and Cryptocurrency & What to look out for.

2) Business2Blockchain

- Information Integrity

- Security and Fraud

- Human Resources

- Fintech

- Tech Stack

3) Realty2Blockchain

- Prepare

- Protect

- Own

- Transfer

4) SIRVIS South Africa’s new Service providing App, Schedule, Work, Invoice and Get Paid all in one App — No more admin and cash flow problems.


  • Information Integrity
Business2Blockchain | Information Integrity

1) Scams and Cryptocurrency & What to look out for.

I think it is very important at this stage to provide well-balanced information on Cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, scams are on the rise and I must say very much like 2016 the Cryptocurrency hype and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) rush with people making hasty decisions believing money can be made fast and easy.

Really…. By now 2020, I would have thought the human race with all the access they have to the internet could come up with some effort, some profound way to use their brains, research, and think for themselves!

Blockchain? But that’s Cryptocurrency… right? …riiight! It is important to understand where Blockchains fit into financial systems without Cryptocurrency and how the Stable Coin advancment has scaled financial services.



What is Blockchain?

In my own words “Data that gets secured into a sized unit until the unit (“Block”) is full. The next empty Block is created and filled with Data. The Blocks are linked. The Data is the information you store in the Cloud, DropBox, Server, your laptop or phone.” [1]

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a Blockchain (a Distributed Ledger Technology) This means transactions, (be it of value or just information) takes place on it in a transparent, traceable, and immutable way.

What happens with transactions?

They get hashed (a form of securing the information, that allows for the immutable tracking — in this state it cannot be hacked).

How do you buy, track or trace a Bitcoin transaction?

On Web 2, the Internet as you see it now,

There are no brokers or people that are allowed to advise you or take your money and invest for you in South Africa. That’s that. South Africans can search here to see who holds valid FSP licenses, [2]

There are international offerings that have representation in S.A. which I’ll cover next. As an S.A. TAX Break, you can look up SJ12 which also includes Cryptocurrency contributions.

So not illegal, just not amended in our Legislation yet. You can buy Cryptocurrency in South Africa of course, and on Web 2 the transaction is between you and the exchange you on-board. So keep a log of your transaction history if you do. Here are some Exchanges.

*Disclaimer: The links are referrals that provide secure access to the websites.

VALR (S.A.) — Send from your Bank Account & Exchange

Binance (Top International) — Exchange (Recently opened offices in South Africa for direct Deposits)

Trust Wallet App (Top International) — Digital Cryptocurrency Wallet WEB 3

Now let’s bring Fintech into perspective. “Financial technology is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.”

Cash App (U.S.) — Cash sending App that also enables you to Send / Receive / Tip / Donate / buy Bitcoin and Invest. All in one very easy App.

Web 2 and Web 3

Web 3 is a decentralized version of Web 2. This just means that you are in full control of what you have, no one else. On Web 3 you are able to see, and I quote:

“To look up a bitcoin transaction, users can visit


and use the search bar on the upper right to learn more about a particular bitcoin address, transaction hash, or block number by entering it in the search field. Once you click enter, information about your search query will display.”

Web 3 puts you in control of how you manage your assets.

How do you look and see how Assets are doing?

Viewing Global Stocks and Cryptocurrencies is very easy, just go to


Here you can track prices and trends from the Gold, IBM, S&P500, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies. A real and true reflection for value on Asset Classes, and it's open to anyone.


It’s in the Human Nature, there will always be someone exploiting new areas where the general population is uneducated. This is true throughout Evolution. Therefor the Technology is not the problem, but the people who missuse it.

Enter: Willie Breedt and Vault Age Solutions, a guy who said he will give you a big return on Bitcoin. How can one guy promise that, why would you believe him? [5]

I don’t understand why the Facebook page still up HAWKS? [6]

At least the website is down [7]

And I also don’t understand statements like

“But he said that those who are interested in cryptocurrency should “rather go to the casino — because at least gambling establishments are regulated and registered in South Africa.” — From Mr Brandon Topham [8]

The word “Gambling spells RISK! “Yes, it is regulated to throw your money away” which I still don’t understand or do I?

Tax contributions

Gambling contributions attract Billions to the S.A. Economy. [9]

This sort of public statement does no one good. There is enough work to be done to provide an informed opinion, with the landscape of roll players and keeping economic stability in mind.

The community stands up and speaks out against provoking statements. [10]

Cryptocurrencies will long still be a subject of debate, in my view if you….

1) Buy something you know nothing about you can only but expect a poor return!

2) Gamble and you take a BIG RISK!

3) Believe someone you don’t know that is not governed to provide you with information…

You can expect to get poor results!


-Bitcoin is a Blockchain (a software with value — like a stock, an asset class), it’s been around for almost 12 years.

-Cryptocurrency is speculative digital assets that can be traded.

-Tokens are speculative digital tokens that transact on Blockchains.

Research, Yes Always!

The Blockchains White Paper

The people behind the Currency

The age of the project

Find an Expert you can trust (trust is not built overnight, take your time to get to know people in the project or industry)

Proof of Address (unlike Banks we can see exactly how much liquidity a company holds when it is recorded on a Blockchain — Web 3)

Start small

Your risk appetite should be directly correlated to what you can afford to lose.

My closing thoughts…

Cryptocurrency should be regulated, but not just ring bounded because it’s the easy option to TAX it! Blockchain Technology should not be confused with Cryptocurrency as Blockchains are the vehicles to providing faster and more secure transactions to old legacy systems like Banks and Insurance institutions. Fintech provides ample proof of this.

Business2Blockchain Verticles

Business2Blockchain | Security and Fraud

2) Business2Blockchain | Security and Fraud

This section of the company is currently a “Work in Progress”. There are several important partnership components to put together, in order to provide a unique holistic service. The services will include:

- Fraud

- Insurance

- Background Checks — Data Analysis & Data Science

The services will also spill over into Realty2Blockchain.

Business2Blockchain | Human Resources

Business2Blockchain | Human Recourses

2020 ConsenSys Academy South African Female Developers

Our 10 South African female developers that were chosen for the Consensys Academy Cohort, which forms part of the greater Consensys group and Ethereum Blockchain, is proving very successful. The ladies are moving along at their own pace swiftly. We are currently investigating other cohort opportunities to enable female development in the Blockchain industry. This will help advance South African female technology entrepreneurs with Global exposure.

Our HR arm is also developing smoothly with partnerships being established to set up a “Resource Centre”, a massive undertaking to bring together a Global Database for Blockchain Technology Human Resources, driving female entrepreneurship.

Business2Blockchain | Fintech

Business2Blockchain | Fintech

The Bmoney Wallet App was nurtured from an idea to its developing phase in September. The key functionality of the wallet is to send and receive funds from one person to the next for free! The Tech is integrated on a South African Private Blockchain, which makes this one of the most sophisticated, but easiest wallets you could imagine.

The App will enable people to use the value of money in a whole new way in the future, with its core function to remit value to anyone easy, fast, and free. I was proud to accept the CIO role and become a partner in the company Bmoney2Blockchain Pty Ltd.

We have a Beta testing date for the end of October, I cannot wait!

Business2Blockchain | Technology Stack

Business2Blockchain | Tech Stack

Our Tech stack is directly correlated to our Blockchain and Technology partnerships, allowing us to make and match the perfect teams.

3) Realty2Blockchain

Background checks, Insurance, Property, Home Loans, Estate Management

- Prepare

- Protect

- Own

- Transfer

Ventures for the future. This is my next area of engagement and I invite any interested parties to strike up a conversation with me, but not on how we are going to do this, but rather when we are going to do this! These areas of the industry are jumping up and down for a reshape and scale, all we need is the right partnerships and creativity.

Anyone willing and with product ideas is welcome to contact me so that we can plan and structure this industry.

That’s all for now. Have a great week everyone and stays safe.









[9] And



Morne Olivier

Strategic Blockchain Advisor

In response to a deeply damaged economy, I have signed on with SIRVIS to assist in a services App that will enable service providers to schedule, work, invoice, and get paid, all in one App.

SIRVIS | All in 1m Services App

SIRVIS | My Agency

Service Providers App

Creating jobs in a time where it is so needed. My biggest drive in taking on a South African micro job agency, is to help uplift the lower-income economies of South Africa through a few easy steps.

Provide an all in 1 App for Service Providers and Customers.

Enable them to communicate, Invoice, Pay and Rate each other in the App.

Give them the “tools” to grow and scale their micro-businesses fast.

I really don’t have to say too much more on this, as it should stand out as a no-brainer for anyone that has a skill, looking for or extra work and or looking to provide and scale their services, in their industry.

Service Providers App

The SIRVIS Pro App is Free — No cost for the rest of 2020, just download and register now using this code: GSOCFY so we can accumulate the Service Pro’s first and then open the second App for our customers.

And that’s it for August from Business2Blockchain. I started a weekly newsletter which I will continue to provide updates on Business2Blochain and the Technology industry on a Monday with a “looking back at the week” on a Friday.

You can mail me for any inquiries or always find me on LinkedIn

I leave you with a further summary of the SIRVIS Pro App, let your Service providers download the App, SIRVIS Pro or contact me on

Best Regards


SIRVIS Pro App | Here is a summary of what we are looking for

Do you have artisans & skilled workers in your industry, who are looking for work?

We are On-Boarding service providers looking for work.

My name is Morne and we have just launched an exciting new App called “SIRVIS Pro”, on Google Play Store

1. Do you have service providers knocking on your door asking for work? or…

2. Do you have a database of reliable service providers, you know are struggling, and would like to help?

3. Do you have service providers that work for you and you want to manage them in 1 easy App? (Estates, Complexes, Malls, Function Venues)

I have attached a small presentation that explains the App, and here is a summary:

ü All in one Services App for Trusted & Reliable Service Providers in your area.

ü Service Providers don’t have to turn to Social Media Groups & ask for work.

ü Service Pro’s: Load Profiles list their skills, post references & pictures, get rated, & get discovered.

ü Deliver your services within 140 categories in your area, (with map).

ü Consumers can discover, research, select, & complete a transaction with anyone on a mobile.

ü Automated process: Find, Review, Book, Track, Invoice, Pay & Rate.

ü The automation includes Invoicing & Accounting, setting your rates, scheduling, instant secure payment, withdraw to the bank, professional & personal insurance.

Why would customers like this?

ü Saves time & effort

ü SIRVIS satisfaction warranty

ü Verified, approved providers

ü All services in one App

Why would Service Providers like this?

ü Attract new customers

ü Accept card payments (Fees included)

ü Built-in insurance

ü Flexitime and area

ü Custom marketing in 1 App

ü The Focus Services (with Sub-Categories) for now is:

ü Automobile

ü Beauty & Fashion

ü Child Care

ü Creative Design & Arts

ü Health & Wellness

ü Home & Property

ü Legal

ü Parties & Events

ü Pet Care

ü Professional Agent

ü Security & Protection

ü Self-Improvement

ü Technology

SIRVIS video

SIRVIS Pro App Download

Contact me, your SIRVIS Agent for any questions.

SIRVIS Pro Agency Morne Olivier