Business2Blockchain | Monthly round-up August

Business2Blockchain | Monthly round-up August

Business2Blockchain | Monthly round-up August


What a year! 2020 was promising so much in 2019 and then came COVID-19. Literally the worst possible “thing” that could have happened in the World — Or is it?

The world’s economy just collapsed as countries were scrambling to save lives…..

I’ll keep the bad news short!

Two main concerns that stand out for me from a South African perspective, (and I’m pretty sure this is not isolated to the rest of the world), (1) an estimated 34% of the middle-class economy will be scaling down to a lower-income economy. Yes, that means they have either lost their jobs or have had pay cuts. (2) Banks have reported up to 70% profit losses in Q2

These two factors combined with an already poor economic outlook where the jobless counts Pre-COVID was excessively high……

These and many other figures do not paint a pretty picture, but yet I have to ask what are we going to do about it, We can get lost in the “doom and gloom” or we can analyze it and find/discover opportunities that will solve problems and make it easier and faster for people and companies to scale out of situations.

“Pre-COVID saw a complacency of people and companies going about their day to day activities, discarding human rights, breaking the law, social decay, a commonplace”.

Or is it? Mid/Post-COVID has seen many changes. Human’s where forced to listen to Authorities and make sudden drastic changes to survive, but these sudden changes under stress tests aren’t always right. These are times where entrepreneurs thrive if they can survive themselves.

Economic downturns are great opportunities to find solutions to problems that have persisted for a long time and in such cases forcing humans to look at new ways going about their complacent ways. New solutions are born to improve lives and help economies thrive.

With that said it has been an incredible month of innovation and the coming together of people with the outset of collaboration and a feeling of mutual organic growth. This path is not always ideal and there are some functionalities that can/should be driven, (because we haven’t got all day), but driving knowledge and pushing boundaries, making mistakes is the only way to discover the real potential one is capable of.

Key factors in my company Business2Blockchain has seen, (for me), the ability of growth from what I thought I could do, to clear answers in solutions I can provide for people around me. These key products have come together over years of preparation and going through endless trials to match the right people, synergies, and technology.

As an August round-up, I summarize what we have done to curb further economic downturn and help people with solutions, enabling them to stability.

Business2Blockchain “My Blockchain Technology Software Company”


The Bmoney Wallet App was nurtured from an idea to its developing phase in September. The key functionality of the wallet is to send and receive funds from one person to the next for free! The Tech is integrated on a South African Private Blockchain, which makes this one of the most sophisticated, but easiest wallets you could imagine.

The App will enable people to use the value of money in a whole new way in the future, with its core function to remit value to anyone easy, fast, and for free. I was proud to accept the CIO role and become a partner in the company Bmoney2Blockchain Pty Ltd.

Business2Blockchain | Human Recourses

2020 ConsenSys Academy South African Female Developers

I have recently started building the HR arm of Business2Blockchain. I know this will change and mold a lot over the next few months, so I won't put hard content down on what I foresee, but rather say that a collaborative engagement with Claire from Pinon Search has seen us deliver our first scholarship of 10 South African female developers for the Consensys Academy, which forms part of the greater Consensys group and Ethereum Blockchain.

This has given us the opportunity to build a foundation, to become the absolute go-to for South African female technology entrepreneurs. I use the term entrepreneurs because the Vision I have is to drive the female C-Suite career path of these young ladies.

The Goal therefor is to ensure their exposure to the Global industry and a “No Boundary” capability. Our Global reach, networking capabilities, and “open source” collaboration styles will give us the advantages to achieve this.

Here I invite any company to connect with me so that we can build on our vision and start formulating our ideas and styles to enable female entrepreneurs.

Business2Blockchain | Realty, Home Loans, Estate Management

Ventures for the future. This is my next area of engagement and I invite any interested parties to strike up a conversation with me, but not on how we are going to do this, but rather when we are going to do this! These areas of the industry are jumping up and down for a reshape and scale, all we need is the right partnerships and creativity.

I’ll be looking forward to your calls 😊

SIRVIS | My Agency

Service Providers App

Creating jobs in a time where it is so needed. My biggest drive in taking on a South African micro job agency, is to help uplift the lower-income economies of South Africa through a few easy steps.

Provide an all in 1 App for Service Providers and Customers.

Enable them to communicate, Invoice, Pay, and Rate each other in the App.

Give them the “tools” to grow and scale their micro-businesses fast.

I really don’t have to say too much more on this, as it should stand out as a no brainer for anyone that has a skill, looking for or extra work and or looking to provide and scale their services, in their industry.

Service Providers App

The SIRVIS Pro App is Free — No cost for the rest of 2020, just download and register now using this code: GSOCFY so we can accumulate the Service Pro’s first and then open the second App for our customers.

And that’s it for August from Business2Blockchain. I started a weekly newsletter which I will continue to provide updates on Business2Blochain and the Technology industry on a Monday with a “looking back at the week” on a Friday.

You can mail me for any inquiries or always find me on LinkedIn

I leave you with a further summary of the SIRVIS Pro App, let your Service providers download the App, SIRVIS Pro or contact me on

Best Regards


SIRVIS Pro App | Here is a summary of what we are looking for

Do you have artisans & skilled workers in your industry, who are looking for work?

My name is Morne and we have just launched an exciting new App called “SIRVIS Pro”, on Google Play Store and we are On-Boarding Service Providers looking for work.

1. Do you have service providers knocking on your door asking for work? or…

2. Do you have a database of reliable service providers, you know are struggling, and would like to help?

3. Do you have service providers that work for you and you want to manage them in 1 easy App? (Estates, Complexes, Malls, Function Venues)

I have attached a small presentation that explains the App, and here is a summary:

All in one Services App for Trusted & Reliable Service Providers in your area.

Service Providers don’t have to turn to Social Media Groups & ask for work.

Service Pro’s: Load Profiles list their skills, post references & pictures, get rated, & get discovered.

Deliver your services within 140 categories in your area, (with map).

Consumers can discover, research, select, & complete a transaction with anyone on a mobile.

Automated process: Find, Review, Book, Track, Invoice, Pay & Rate.

The automation includes Invoicing & Accounting, setting your rates, scheduling, instant secure payment, withdraw to a bank, professional & personal insurance.

Why would customers like this?

Saves time & effort

SIRVIS satisfaction warranty

Verified, approved providers

All services in one App

Why would Service Providers like this?

Attract new customers

Accept card payments (Fees included)

Built-in insurance

Flexitime and area

Custom marketing in 1 App

The Focus Services (with Sub-Categories) for now is:

Automobile, Beauty & Fashion, Child Care, Creative Design & Arts, Health & Wellness, Home & Property, Legal, Parties & Events, Pet Care, Professional Agent, Security & Protection, Self-Improvement, Technology

SIRVIS video

SIRVIS Pro App Download

Contact me, your SIRVIS Agent for any questions.

SIRVIS Pro Agency Morne Olivier

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