Business2Blockchain | Modern Real Estate Financing, Development, and Management

Morne Olivier
5 min readJan 26, 2022
Business2Blockchain | Modern Real Estate Financing, Development, and Management

Business2Blockchain | Modern Real Estate Financing, Development, and Management


Securities Platform Description

Regulated Tokenization of Assets, (Real Estate, Shares, Commodities) through Securities.

· Automate

· Reduce Costs

· Fractionalize

· Increase Liquidity

One of our key focus areas in 2022, is to assist Real Estate Developers, Sponsors, Commercial Property Owners, and Portfolio Managers with new technologies like Blockchain and how to maximize the potential.

Tokenization provides access to deeper liquidity and redeploys capital swiftly. Raising Capital for newly built projects with fractional ownership is far easier.

· On-Chain transactions can be accessed “now” and streamline the closing process.

· Secondary Markets provide access to deeper liquidity pools for buyers.

· New NFT Technology provides proof of ownership with new ways of looking at the residential and rental market.

Business2Blockchain | Modern Real Estate Financing, Development, and Management

Primary functionality:

· Digitized and automated processes related to financing and management of investors

· Immediate trading and liquidity (premium: 20–30%)

· Raise capital easier, faster, and at a lower cost

· Offer instant liquidity through our OTC marketplace and additional liquidity to investors

· Advanced share cap table module

· Allow investing in most currencies (fiat & crypto), and the ability to fractionalize/democratize

· Use audited smart contracts for high safety and security

· Access to more diverse investors and crowdfunding

· Shareholder meetings, votes, general governance

· Programmable tokenized shares for automation of cross border transfers

· Smart “functions”: custody, DeFi lending, atomic transfer

· Increased robustness by removal of human errors, transparency, and traceability

Business2Blockchain | Modern Real Estate Financing, Development, and Management

Investor On-Boarding and Issuance

· • Investor registration, Proof of Funds & (KYC/AML)

· • Token purchase

· • Electronic document

· • Workflow and signatures

· • Fiat on-ramp (USD, EUR)

Turnkey Solution

· The platform will give Whitelisted Investors full control over the fractional land purchasing process, ongoing corporate management, and trading of the Securities and other assets.

· The platform helps reduce administrative costs, gives access to new investor types.

· The Marketplace offers a, (Over the Counter, OTC) trading module for Peer-to-Peer Buy/Sell, between investors to ensure a high degree of liquidity.

Interoperable Integration

Ensures that clients are interoperable with custodians, payment channels, KYC providers, and exchanges in a Global ecosystem.

Corporate Management & Compliance

Through our partnership with Digishares and its collaboration with more than 30 legal partners around the globe, Business2Blockchain will advise “Your Company” to ensure full compliance with the tokenization process.

The Security Tokens are developed and underwritten with “Security” standards under respective European country regulations and the US/SEC compliance. Legal obligations are constantly monitored by High Level legal advisors.

Further development of the smart contracts for specific countries and secondary markets will incur additional costs. The turnkey solution provides for agile corporate modules and offer share cap table, shareholder meetings, governance, and dividend solutions.

Business2Blockchain | Modern Real Estate Financing, Development, and Management

Secondary Markets

Allows the platform to partner with DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Services where many different Value Pool and Token capabilities can be accessed and leveraged. Modern Blockchain services include NFT and Metaverse inclusions as the technology redefines itself with the broader public.

Our White Label product — Make it your own!

Securities Tokenization Dashboard that can be accessed from any desktop and white labelled to client’s needs.


Covers tech setup, project management, customization, integration.

2)Asset Management

Based on the total value of all tokens managed on the platform, either determined by trading or formation value.


Deducted from (or added to) all transactions: investing, dividends, trading, lending

Digital Shares and Tokenized Futures.

Possible Structures

The land can be packaged as a Real Estate Investment and be incorporated into a Tokenized Security where Shareholders or Investors can buy into the given Real Estate as a Capital Investment.

The Corporate Share structure or Co-Op, (“DAO”), can also be loaded as a Security and Tokenized and could find easy routes for capital investment into the company Globally.

As an agricultural crop project “Futures” is very relevant as a Security like any other and can certainly be tokenized. We could create 10,000 of these “Futures” and corresponding contracts and they could be tokenized and offered for sale via the platform and later traded. Over time when profits start to generate, these could be paid out as dividends or interest.

Real Estate Exchange

In short, a Security Token Exchange. As an exchange, it will list Property Development projects as Security Tokens.

The platform will be able to use any kind of Security Token protocol or Stable Coin integration for a Stellar implementation.

Additional Options

A. App that facilitates all of this and everyone can spend on a card (virtual or physical)

B. Payment’s system in Fiat/Crypto and spending on the Debit Cards

C. Link IBAN Bin (Bank) for Fiat On-Off Ramp, sending to any bank is fine as long as its GBP, EUR or USD

D. In time setting up a UK entity will make the payment processing easier, basically become your own Bank

E. Allows for loans against BTC <> Lock away BTC get Stable Coin ($) loans easily

F. Card allows for spending on the loan at merchants POS

Carbon Offset

With Blockchain technology the automation of these processes is increased, data is immutable and transparent, and Carbon Rewards is secured with a value proposition.

Business2Blockchain is open for discussion and of course, there are also other options to look at, it’s our job to find you the best solution.

Morne Olivier

Founder/CEO Business2Blockchain


Business2Blockchain | Modern Real Estate Financing, Development, and Management



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