Business2Blockchain | DeFi Pre-Seed Fundraising Q1 2022

Business2Blockchain | DeFi Pre-Seed Fundraising Q1 2022

Business2Blockchain | DeFi Pre-Seed Fundraising Q1 2022


An open article to future Angel/VC/PE Investors

Business2Blockchain | Incubator/Accelerator for Web 3.0

I am Morne Olivier Founder and CEO of Business2Blockchain (Pty) Ltd founded 11/07/2019

I will use this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous 2022!

Investment status

Founder Bootstrap to date

In Summary to Complement our position:

• We are seeking to Partner with a Female Angel Investor Co-Founder

• Employ Key Staff to facilitate current business growth

We require Pre-Seed Funding of $200 000 for:

• Build our Start-Up Equity (DAO), White Label Platform

• Integrate DeFi Pool & Liquidity Services

• Launch the Incubator/Accelerator Token Sets

• Launch Business2Blockchain & 4 x Start-Ups Share Equity Securities Tokens

• Price Exploration for Start-Ups / Floor Valuations

• On-Board next round of Start-Ups with increased automation & DeFi access

• Launch Marketing strategies & build communities within each niche

• Start integrating DeFi services & Identify further Web 3.0 Development

Help us grow Web 3.0 adoption


It is absolutely essential for Business2Blockchain to be on Web 3. We assist our Start-Ups to connect their ideas and businesses with various Partnership integrations connecting Web2/3 software.

Bringing Business to Blockchain solutions:

Our turnkey solution will provide for regulated Investment On-Boarding through Tokenized Securities with DeFi services.

Our partnerships will ensure secure and improved economic ecosystems for all.

Web2 to Web 3


The Demand
I have developed Business2Blockchain as a Brand that will bridge the gap for traditional business owners and entrepreneurs to incorporate/migrate their services and ideas to Web3. Our name lends itself to long-term commercial value bringing “Business to Blockchain”, where anyone can understand the process of doing so within a safe and trusted environment.

I have established the company as a Consultancy/Incubator with Start-Ups ready for launch and more incoming. I provide a connection to a large network of people and technology partners in the Blockchain space.

The Incubator/Accelerator model is still unexplored for Web 3 and providing a “traditional” service that speaks to the “everyday” business owner, provides ample opportunities in preparation for the volume of migration still to come.

In 2022 our day-to-day services will improve to Incubator/Accelerator and Marketing Services.

Our focuses will shift to providing Blockchain technology in an improved efficient and regulated way.

Our attention will focus on the Real Estate Market and incorporating the simplicity of “Security NFT’s” Smart Contracts for Corporate/Business purposes. This will establish us in the Financial Property Development market, whilst our current Start-Ups gain traction in other sectors.

The idea

I have had 2 prior businesses, (factory & farming) and worked in retail after that. While I was in retail, I started a few e-commerce websites. I also started researching Bitcoin and Ethereum as improved payment options on the sites. I then started researching Blockchain solutions, and I never looked back.

I combined the value proposition of the technology with the current beginning stage it was in, and therefore positioned myself to provide a service within the growing stages of this industry.

Provide trusted partnerships & services

The Solution

Currently (like ourselves) Incubators are mostly the connection to Web3. By placing the Incubator model on Chain, we will automatically scale various aspects of the business.

The proposal therefore is:

Business2Blockchain | Tokenization solutions for Equity management.

Turnkey Solution

The platform will give our White-listed Angel/VC/PE portfolio full control over the fund-raising process, ongoing corporate management, and trading of the Securities and other assets.

The platform helps reduce administrative costs, gives access to new investor types, and makes Equity in up-and-coming BaaS companies liquid. The Marketplace offers a, (Over the Counter, OTC) trading module for Peer-to-Peer Buy/Sell, between investors to ensure a high degree of liquidity.

Interoperable Integration

Business2Blockchain and its Start-Ups must be infrastructure diagnostic that supports the most widespread standards. This ensures that clients are interoperable with custodians, payment channels, KYC providers, and exchanges.

Corporate Management & Compliance

Through our partnerships we are able to collaborate with more than 30 legal partners around the globe, Business2Blockchain will help clients ensure full compliance with the tokenization process.

Agile corporate modules offer share cap table, shareholder meetings, governance, and dividend solutions.

Stable Coin & Digital Asset Gateway

Business2Blockchain constantly monitors new developments in the Stable Coin, Digital Asset, and DeFi industries to ensure our clients are future-proof.

The platform must support the most promising and legally compliant innovations, such as Company Shares, Collateralized Lending and Decentralized Trading, through DeFi innovations which is the future extension of transferring value instantly, at a fraction of a cost, with no borders.

Our Incubator Start-Ups

Phase 1

• Build our Regulated Start-Up Equity Management (DAO), White Label Platform

• On-Board next round of Start-Ups with increased automation & DeFi access

• Ensure Key Staff and review Outsourcing components

Overview of Services

My mission is to empower Start-Ups further with industry-leading asset management solutions. Digitize and automate processes, bring regulated exposure to investors, and increase the liquidity of Equity as assets.

Primary Share Equity functionality:

· Digitized and automated processes for financing and management of investors

· Immediate trading and liquidity (premium: 20–30%)

· Raise capital easier, faster, and at a lower cost

· Offer instant and additional liquidity through our OTC marketplace to investors

· Advanced share cap table module

· Allow investing in most currencies (fiat & crypto), and the ability to fractionalize/democratize

· Use audited smart contracts for high safety and security

· Access to more diverse investors

· Shareholder meetings, votes, general governance

· Programmable tokenized shares for automation of cross border transfers

· Smart “functions”: custody, DeFi lending, atomic transfer

· Increased robustness by removal of human errors, transparency, and traceability

The tokenization processes with a robust and customizable platform

Investor On-Boarding and Issuance

· • Investor registration, Proof of Funds & (KYC/AML)

· • Token purchase

· • Electronic document

· • Work-flow and signatures

· • Fiat on-ramp (USD, EUR)

Our new clients

Phase 2

· Incorporate each Start-Up into the Security Token economy

· Features any kind of Security Token protocol or Stable Coin integration

· By default, provide Ethereum-based Security Token protocols such as ERC-1400 with the ability to incorporate a vast range of others

· Further consideration can be given to DAO structures and implementations

By keeping phase 1 connected to a regulated partner, instilling trust in our onboarding, and obvious benefits, we stay in line with what Business2Blockchain has established.

By planning Phase 2 will give us the opportunities to take our Start-Ups to Web3 and take on new potential business with Web3 DAPPS.

There is currently not much to be realized within this concept and certainly not within the scope and possibilities.


The value of Business2Blockchain and investor share will be derived from the successes of the underlined Start-ups, with a negotiable and instantly trade-able % in Equity Shares on our new generation platform.

The value of the Start-Ups and investor share in those companies will be derived from Investor participation through the Security Tokens, Pool, LP Creations, and bootstrapping that LP for the Start-Ups. This can be extended into a modern public Crowd-funding Exchange trading “Equity Security Tokens”, with listing and transaction revenue. The expansion would allow for any company, commodity, or asset to be tokenized as a Security.

Each Start-Up can bring unique DeFi principles to the platform in the form of NFT Smart Contracts for licensing and royalty automation to further extend the longevity of the overall revenue model. For further regulatory measures, Security NFT’s can be introduced.

The Incubator model uses an hourly rate after clients are signed up. This Incubator revenue model will be revised and improved upon with additional revenue channels incorporated.

We continue connecting the growing demand to incorporate and or build on Blockchain Technology and therefore grow with this “young” industry. It is our intention to On-Board new Start-Ups, systematically work through various niche markets, starting with Property Development.

In summary, we have


Founding team

I am Morne Olivier, CEO Founder, (Full Time), and have managed to build up the company on my own thus far. I have bootstrapped Business2Blockchain as an Incubator with four Start-Ups launching in Q1 2022.

I have recently taken on a partner Gavin Stassen as Director who is not actively involved at the moment but will form part of the business strength strategy for 2022.

Gavin is also the Founder of NATRA Coin, one of our Start-Ups.

Why us?

I am an entrepreneur through and through. Having built up and sold several businesses over the last 30 years has brought me to understand the value in Start-Ups and the opportunities one can create by bringing them to life.

My strength lies in the creative set-up phase, a fast passed environment, across many verticals.

My weakness lies in the limitations one creates for oneself, by the lack of understanding.

My constant research strives to eliminate those limitations and drive my vision for a world of integrity and value that is shared in a fair and transparent way.

Blockchain Solutions empower just that, and it is my intention to empower others through Business2Blockchain!

Gavin is a Private Hospital Developer amongst other business ventures, like Maxwell Nutritional Food. He brings strong business acumen and network to the table.

To establish a balanced perspective going forward I will be seeking to partner with a Female Co-Founder. It would be ideal for our visions to align, to scale the On-Boarding of businesses to Blockchain Web3.0 development.

Team, Colleagues, Partners, and Associates

As mentioned, I have been the energy behind bringing the concept together. I thrive in the setting up phase. I have to constantly drive myself to meet the Start-Ups needs in their respective phases. I view them as my team, in the bigger picture we are working together to achieve the same goals in taking our respective businesses to success.

I generally lead the teams with various options and then narrow it down to start the various processes. There is generally good communication during these setup stages, bringing together the tech stack, build, conventionalize the concept and future implementations, business plans, and financials.

I am able to bring a few Aha moments as the projects develop, by focusing on the use case and the niche we are trying to capture or improve on. When these realities are realized the teams, excitement is also lifted. Closer relationships are formed and 90% of the time everyone is on the same page to assist wherever is needed. We make the other 10% work 😊

Decentralized funding platform

Key Staff Placement

Let me summarize our shortcomings first:

There are growing enquiries, but I am going to struggle to take in new business, as I am on my own and not able to spread myself to do much further.

Stumbling blocks:

· Start-Ups moving to the Accelerator stage, whilst building their respective valuation structures and/or exit strategies.

· Marketing, but specifically creating foundation content and getting the founders to engage on their concepts, triumphs, and failures. It is important to have a public relationship with a broad audience in any which way, and in these beginning stages, grooming them for the bigger picture. This will also allow them to start networking and building up confidence beyond their normal circles.

· Connecting with the right Angel/VC/PE Groups to pitch the Start-Ups concepts to and building this connection as the Business2Blockchain DAO on Web3.0 to scale the equity share market, liquidity, and DeFi services.

I believe the Investor Fundraising market is ready for change. Entrepreneurs are already choosing their investors for many reasons, not only the cash they provide. Investors that are “hands-on” that can offer themselves as brand ambassadors with a shared set of values will go a lot further than in the past.

Business2Blockchain is looking for an Angel Female Co-Founder.

Blockchain technology has brought about opportunities to change legacy technology. BUT more importantly, is offering us the opportunity to change the legacy of human powers that drives our societies with inequalities.

I have been an advocate for “Woman in Blockchain” and through Business2Blockchain can offer a tangible opportunity into an up-and-coming business with shared ideologies.

First, hire:

Incubator/Accelerator specialist — Growth Hack

- An expert with experience in the Incubator/Accelerator market with a deep understanding of Blockchain Technology. Together we will be able to relieve the current pressure and filter on the enquiries Business2Blockchain is receiving, automate the On-Boarding structure, and build out strong Exit strategies.


A fully regulated white label service allows us to focus on the On-Boarding processes for our proposed Regulated Equity Share Security Token platform.

· Develop an AI to Smart Contract On-Boarding process for our Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

· Guide, prepare and execute the bridging processes for the Start-Ups.

· Further development on Web 3.0 for the Start-Ups that fulfill the use cases and demand.

· Incorporate specific DeFi needs respectively, (NFT, META, DAO)

· Align strategic Exit Strategies respectively.

· Bridge the businesses back to the “real world” and scale commercial value.

Outsource Marketing

- A content creator with a psychology background, that is able to guide the Start-Up creators through their own content with an aligned platform goal. By building Start-Up confidence from the foundation, we are able to move much faster into live interactive platforms where we can establish the founders as a voice and real connection to their communities.

- It is important to note the 2nd hire, Chief Marketing Officer would be important to everyone’s success as we can build the most amazing technologies, but with their small userbases, they will not succeed.

Outsource Investor Portfolio

- By ensuring a risk-free regulated On-Boarding platform for investors, (Startup.Exchange), 2022 will bring about partnerships with an existing Angel/VC/PE portfolio and key individuals to join our mission for moving businesses to Web 3.0.

- I view Business2Blockchain as a collaborative and joining hands with similar incubators will strengthen everyone’s overall vision.

Member and Start-Up Profiles

Morne Olivier

Founder CEO Business2Blockchain

Gavin Stassen


Our Start-Up founders are our team members and currently Business2Blockchain Provide Trusted Partnerships & Services for Incubator/Accelerator for bridging Blockchain services

• Developer Team on the Cosmos (Tendermint) Ecosystem

• SaaS IBAN/SWIFT Fiat/Crypto, Card/Wallet, Open Banking

• Tokenizing Equity, securing Liquidity & OTC

• Bespoke Decentralized Data storage

• UI/UX & Web Design, CID & Social Media engagement

I am looking to expand with Business2NFT (Pty)Ltd and Realty2Blockchain (Pty)Ltd

• Focusing on Future Proof Licensing, Royalty & Marketing Collateral

• Modern Real Estate Financial Services and Development Management

Our Incubator Start-Ups SaaS/BaaS Solutions for Launch Q1 2022

Gavin Stassen

1) NATRA Coin (Pty) Ltd

· White Label Tokenizing Real Estate as Securities for Property development

Goal: Decentralized Assets/Commodities Trading Platform — DeFi Ecosystem — LP/AMM/APY

Director at Business2Blockchain, NATRA Coin (Pty) Ltd, Maxwell Natra (Pty) Ltd, Owner Stassmed Hospital Consultants and Director of Cellule Vivante

- Developer / Owner of private healthcare facilities including Private Hospitals, unattached Operating Theatre Units as well as Doctors Consulting Rooms
— Extensive Experience in clinic development and management since 1989 together with his Former Business Partner Dr Jack Shevel established the NetCare Group

- Currently pursuing the development of a private plastic surgery clinic, hotel and spa in Grenada & Mauritius.

Eva Boursier

2) Good for Great Ltd

· Rounding & Securing Donations for NPO’s with Open Banking services

Goal: Develop App as a DAPP to Tokenize the process, add NFT integration to Visualize the Donations offset & Mitigate risk in the Supply Chain through Smart Contracts direct management.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder at

Des & Malcolm


· Data, Documentation & Image Storage on Decentralized Network

Goal: Secure user’s data in a Decentralized Distributed Network. White Label the basic concept in niche markets starting with “Unclaimed Financial Instruments”. Introduce an NFT Business model for Proof of authenticity, Copyright, Royalty & Licensing.

Des Kleineibst


Owner, Des Kleineibst Photography, Videography, CGI & 360 Video

Since 1980 I have worked in the advertising industry, specializing in Automotive Photography & Videography in studio and on location as well as stills Virtual Tours for Automotive and Tourism websites.
Landscapes / Seascapes and Motion / Textures printed as limited-edition prints/NFT’s are my other passions. Since conceptualizing SORTiD ™, I have made it my mission to help everybody live a better life using Blockchain technology.

Malcolm Dare / Photographer and entrepreneur


I have run my own businesses and photographic studio for the past 36 years and like to share my knowledge and learn from others.

With my extensive knowledge of specialized software and the digital workflow process, I have originated superlative print and packaging solutions to a wide spectrum of clients.

I have recently started a joint venture with Des — building an online school — and I am building my e-commerce business. I love sharing knowledge and helping people.

Llewellyn Morkel

4) Bmoney2Blockchain (Pty) Ltd

· Scaling Remittance, Bitcoin Fork Product — Banking the Un-Banked

Goal: Lightning Network integration focusing on Bitcoin as a store of value for future generations.

The developer behind

Fintech Innovator, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Fitness Fanatic (South Africa & UK)

I’m passionate about innovating, designing, creating, and changing the world.

In 2017 I embarked on a mission to invent true, broad-based wealth creation products for Africa. Fraxeum was born from this journey. Over the past three years, my team and I not only built a state-of-the-art digital asset management platform running its own blockchain, but we also added a series of building blocks that reduces the input capital, time, and expertise required for Fintech entrepreneurs to build their own innovative tech for global markets.

Web 3

Web 3

For further future direct Web 3 development needs to be implemented, I plan to work with for our Web3.0 Blockchain services. They are my preferred developer as they work with the COSMOS (Tendermint) Layer 0 ecosystem that recently also incorporated the TERRA Network.

Every business case will however have its own requirements, and therefore specific needs. We are able to choose from a wide network of developers and can partner with any of the Chains and interoperable EVM’s.


I recently started researching Angel/VC/PE as the need to incorporate funding into my business ecosystem has increased. I want to incorporate/partner with the services of a platform with an established investor base to fulfill most of our requirements and in doing so building long-lasting relationships with key individuals.

Besides connecting and building out relationships with Investors, I intend to incorporate a GBC Company in Mauritius as an offshore fund savings vehicle which will further benefit the streamlined Startup ecosystem, enabling us to administer our Fiat workflows with reduced CTC. Our IBAN Services will connect Fiat currencies from there.

Why do it this way?



From a global perspective, there are currently a small amount of Blockchain Incubator/Accelerator companies specifically aimed at Blockchain adoption. In the same breath, the demand for Blockchain incorporation is growing at such a pace it is understandable that specific companies to manage this adoption would be behind in supplying that need. What a good position to be in!

I view my “competition” as my allies as the stronger we align our strengths, the faster and easier we will be able to accomplish our Web 3.0 goals.

I personally feel that entrepreneurs and businesses are falling around with the concept of what to do with Blockchain and are limited in finding the right resources to assist them. Business2Blockchain must fill that large gap.

Competitors and Business2Blockchain

When I look at this list I understand that my company still has a long way to go in order to fulfill a top Blockchain Venture Building Incubator Accelerator. So, I would not class them as competition, but rather piers. Some of these companies have been agile in their development with Blockchain services, but the majority have stayed the same which leaves us with opportunities to fill those gaps.

I am not currently better than any of the above-mentioned companies but have an early-stage concept advantage that will make Business2Blockchain set an example.

Leading with a Regulated Digital Securities Platform and connecting to a leading DeFi deep liquidity pool and token creation platform is essential for future-proof Start-Ups.

Decentralized Incubator/Accelerator

Being the best

A Decentralized Venture Building suit with Blockchain practices, where services are not guaranteed by a single provider but rather by a P2P Network. Our modern Start-Up “Go-To” is governed by Supply and Demand, rather than Top-Down decision-making from normal centralized environments.

Decentralized Blockchain Networks encompasses, transactions, fees, prices, images, integrity, transparency, terms, valuations, ownership, all the previously unknown/uncertain factors in one place.

This brings about new thought processes for fundraising and the underlying incentives and ROI’s.

2021 has seen a pool of Investment flow into BaaS Start-Ups which brings about opportunities to improve in the Investment Funding arena. This does open the market up and potentially to anyone and the platform can be shaped accordingly.

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) can be swiftly used as an investment fund in which investors are the smart contract participants who have voting rights in the projects, they invest in which automatically/directly corresponds to the amount they invested.



There currently aren’t many funding platforms connected to or built on Blockchain ecosystems, bridging the gap for the everyday business or entrepreneur. I suspect there will be substantial growth in this market as I think DAO’s will end up being the structures that run companies and governments. These structures will automatically invest, pay, and collect.

In this concept, I would rather choose to be a leader, than worry about being copied. I also think my success will lie with my allies, (current Web3 Incubators), in collaboration.


It is risky to assume. Looking at the last 6 years of Blockchain Technology growth, I think it is safe to say that the demand for on-boarding Blockchain integrations into companies and everyday business practices is very real.



I have an established group of Start-Ups with MVP’s due to launch in early 2022.

I have an array of new Start-Ups looking to work with me.

I have weekly enquiries, but my biggest current fear is not being able to take on any more business as I cannot physically or financially support their needs further.

Financial Metrics — Pre-Seed $200 000

Business2Blockchain (Pty) Ltd

· Personal Bootstrap $100 000 — Up to 30% Equity in the Start-Ups

· To launch Startup.Exchange $30 000

· Key Staff Placement $40 000

Our Incubator Start-Ups SaaS/BaaS Solutions for launch Q1 2022

NATRA Coin (Pty) Ltd & Grenada Lifestyle Properties Ltd (Global Franchise)

· Bootstrap $30 000 — $50m Grenada Lifestyle Clinic, Hotel & Spa development

· White Label Real Estate Security platform $30 000

· Grenada land and company registration complete

· Commence Sales and Marketing & build out the Exchange Platform

Good for Great Ltd (UK & Italy — EU Rollout)

· Bootstrap $15 000 — Competitor value £22.5m / 6% increase in 2020

· To launch App $40 000 (MVP Complete)

· Marketing and incorporating Development team

· First year projected turnover $7 000 000

SORTiD TM (Trademark in US)

· Bootstrap $30 000 — (1st Niche $58b in unclaimed cash and benefits. Global problem)

· To launch scaled MVP App $40 000 (MVP Complete)

· Marketing and incorporating Development team

· Freemium Decentralized Data storage packages and Course sales on how to get “SORTiD”

· Target 450 000 users with revenue in 3 years equating to $43 650 000

Bmoney2Blockchain (Pty) Ltd (SA)

· Bootstrap $20 000 — Vision Cash App $65b Valuation.

· To launch $20 000

· Marketing and incorporating Development team (MVP Complete)

· Bitcoin Lightning Network integration

Business2Blockchain Start-Ups personal view

As stated above I am proud to be in business with entrepreneurs that want to solve real use cases in the main categories that I wanted to make a difference in:


Why? NATRA and Gavin give us the opportunity to design a Coin integration into actual companies, developments, and supply chains. The large business network that comes with this opportunity will give us large scaling possibilities in the future.

We are very excited to integrate the Real Estate Securities platform with the Lifestyle Clinic, Hotel, and Spa development in Grenada, and this will set the standard for this Start-Up.

Being part of a global financial platform with the ability to scale current legacy systems is a no-brainer for me.

Good for Great

Why? I want GFG to change the Philanthropy industry as a whole, and especially in the times we find ourselves, it will be absolutely necessary. Our outlook drives fair and transparent “giving” for NPO industries and their supply chains, gifts us with new creative ideas (like NFT’s), brings new concepts to the public, and therefore takes the industry beyond just sending money.

Being an ambassador in this space is a clear path for me.


Why? Des and Malcolm bring years of artistic experience to the table. Their clear vision on how to solve various big world problems, channelled into one solution, exponentiates their creativity. By bringing together Decentralized safe data storage and the ability to communicate the product without pretension is a clear winner for me.

The first product niche “SORTiD for Unclaimed Funds” will look at managing people’s basic rights to accessing lost funds through simple disciplines.

Being part of capturing a market where people are commonly taken for granted and being able to assist them to pass on some legacy is at the forefront of a long-standing dream for me.


They all understand the importance of incorporating Blockchain Technology functionalize. By navigating through SaaS and BaaS solutions we have established each in their own right and can see the road map they should follow.


They all tackle individual barriers and socio-economic issues in different landscapes of global problems. That gives Business2Blockchain a unique capability to make a difference within a larger dimension.

Client acquisition

The demand in our industry is proven. The ability to communicate with a wide spectrum of businesses and entrepreneurs gives us access to tap into specific areas where we know the technologies are really needed.

By taking on one or two key staff members will assist Business2Blockchain to onboard the demand and drive the current successes to new highs.

By placing the 4 key Start-Ups into Q1 2022 launch within a new platform setup driven by Securities and DeFi, a whole new outlook and participation.


On request

Open Source

White Label business model and when we build directly on Web 3 in the future, it would be a prerequisite for open-source API & SDK’s.

External contributors

We have access to a vast network of individuals and corporates in this space. Their contributions can be attributed in many different ways.


We have established partnerships with long-standing relationships. We continue to grow our network as the technology evolves to ensure we can provide the best solutions for our clients.

I am part of a strong Blockchain community and the various groups that serve under that network. I am well known for having a voice and assisting where I can.

“My mission is to empower Start-Ups further with industry-leading asset management solutions. Digitize and automate processes, bring regulated exposure to investors, and increase the liquidity of Equity & Dividends. Ensuring these foundation steps and connect DeFi services.”

Morne Olivier


The Future is Now — Join Us



#Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency | #Freelance #Writer For #PassiveCryptoIncome #PCI by #MorneOlivier

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Morne Olivier

#Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency | #Freelance #Writer For #PassiveCryptoIncome #PCI by #MorneOlivier