Business2Blockchain Corporate Business Model | Strengthen Your Business by Securing it on a Blockchain

Business2Blockchain Corporate Business Model | Strengthen Your Business by Securing it on a Blockchain
Strengthen Your Business by Securing it on a Blockchain

Business2Blockchain Corporate Business Model | Strengthen Your Business by Securing it on a Blockchain

August 2021


We Connect Businesses and Ideas to Blockchain Technology

We Grow Your Business through Blockchain Solutions

We Give you Access to Blockchain Financial & Data Services

We are Developing B2BC to Develop you even Faster — Our Goal for 2022

Our Projects Include Key Leadership Roles and Acquisition

Our Partner Currency and Payment Solutions include

Our Partner Security Token & Stable Coin Solutions include

Our Management Team

“We want to introduce a modern way for Entrepreneurs to engage with new technologies, and in the process enjoy a safe Blockchain Ecosystem with Value.”

We connect Businesses and Ideas to Blockchain Technology

Our company connects Businesses and Ideas to Blockchain Technology. Our partnerships with Blockchain Platforms and networks with Key Individuals enable us to structure multiple solutions to suit an array of needs.

Our Business Model walks you through

  1. Developing Clear Customer Proposition
  2. Solving a Real-World Problem
  3. The Proposition is Better than Alternatives
  4. Help You Scale the Solution!

Our function includes presentations, proposals, business plans, and developing relationships with the right SaaS & BaaS Partners.

Our Business Model focuses on the

Start-Up to Launch phase, with Business2Blockchain realizing a strong acquiring relationship with its “BlockTech” Start-Ups.

Growth — Strategic Business skill set to establish the MVP in its market share to the point of “Shakeout”. This phase will set the Demand, Volume exposure, and Secure the Brand.

Acquisition & Exit Strategy — Strategic Business skill set to plan and execute further acquisition in or out of the product, strategic partnership growth, and or exit strategies is required to ensure longevity.

Our Team packs together a refreshing ideology that will bring new life to Global business economies. The advent of broader adoption with Blockchain Technologies and Stable Coin integration gives us this opportunity to provide improved services and added transparency to our Software and App services.

“Our team packs together a refreshing ideology with a modern outlook that will bring together new life to cross border and global economies.”

We Grow Your Business through Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain solutions are important for your business because it provides greater transparency through its public immutable ledger. Employees are incentivized to act with integrity in the best interest of the company’s growth with increased responsibility. This traceability also ensures fast-tracking of data, mitigates fraud, tracks supply-chain, and provides proof of ownership.

Blockchains remove the need for third-party processes. With increased efficiencies, businesses save with faster direct transaction settlement in a unified system with smart contract automation. Blockchains provide far more secure networks with encrypted algorithms that cannot be altered.

Blockchain Solutions provide us with six key aspects to improve our businesses:

1. Immutability — Cannot be corrupted & is fully Transparent

2. Decentralized — No one entity or server is in charge

3. Enhanced Security — No one entity can make changes & 51/49 Encryption

4. Distributed Ledgers — The Ledger is maintained by its Distribution

5. Consensys — Distributed Consensys Algorithm ensures a network decision

6. Faster Settlement — Instant, Cheap & Global, 24/7

“We share a passion for exceptional standards by providing key Blockchain partnerships to your startup idea or business.”

We give you access to Blockchain Financial & Data Services


· Payments with Stable Coin, Digital Assets, & Card integration

· Cross Border Payment Globally with 3d Party Fiat On/Off Ramp

· Branded Virtual & Physical Cards, Corporate & Retail


· Payment Infrastructure & Automated Loyalty Value & Rewards

· Accurate Chain Management with Reduced Costs

· Environmental Sustainability with enhanced Carbon Footprint


· Tokenization & Fractional Property Sales

· Supply Chain Management & Tokenization of Assets

· Direct Automated Services with Reduced 3d Party processes


· Universal Patient Profile & Identity Management

· Drug Traceability with Trusted Verification on a Blockchain

· Immutable Records (EHRs), Traceability & Transparency


· Securing the future of Blockchain Development

· Empowering Women in Blockchain Technology

· Upliftment of Socio-Economic conditions


· Start-Up projects with New or improved Corporate Identities

· Fresh and Clean Website design with open integration

· Decentralized Web 3 Blockchain Integration

“Blockchain Integrated Currency, Tokenization and Payment Solutions”

We are Developing B2BC to Develop you even Faster

2019 — Business2Blockchain PTY (Ltd) 2019/555012/0 S.A.

From Morne Olivier CEO (Founder) & Gavin Stassen Director

Business2Blockchain (B2BC) has 4 Blockchain Technology “BlockTech” Start-Ups under its management for launching in 2021 and a number of new ones lined up for 2022. By using Blockchain Technology they will advance financial ecosystems, (internal and external) and Data Integrity.

For us, it is equally important to grow with the technologies we provide access to advance Business2Blockchain as a modern Incubator and Accelerator.

Business2Blockchain offers three main principles under its Tech Stack Partnerships:

1) Payments, Loans, and OTC via seamless backend Fiat IBAN, Crypto Currency, and Stable Coin integrations.

Regulated out of the U.K. for Corporate, Co-Op, and Community-driven payments that offer App, Wallet, and Branded CL Visa/Master card services.

Added value DeFi (Decentralized Finance), services with instant Collateralized Loans on Capital with Token launch services.

2) Blockchain Tokenized Securities for Fractional Shares & Investments made easy and accessible to anyone Globally.

A platform for digitizing securities (shares, bonds, etc.), issuing these can be used for any type of capital fund-raise (STO) including Real Estate, Renewables & Mining.

The platform extends itself to the tokenization of existing Real Estate or Companies, in order to create more liquidity among existing investors and make it easier to onboard new investors.

3) Proof of authentication for certification and documentation.

Data Integrity on the Bitcoin Blockchain to secure Data services for Proof of Certification, Documentation, and Identity in the Education, Real Estate, and Health Care sector.

Data resources, once uploaded, to the Bitcoin Blockchain are immutable and secured by the encrypted algorithm on the Network. Data is updated via an integrated dashboard and cannot be changed or hacked.

“When the Data Integrity is realized by the Institution, duplication of mondain admin processes is eliminated.”

Our Goal is to develop and incorporate our own Digital Security Token (B2BC) and offer Payment and DeFi services to facilitate the Equity and Collateral under the projects.

We want to develop a modern-day Incubator and Accelerator company for entrepreneurs and businesses who understand the importance of developing their companies with future technologies.

The creation of B2BC Security Token will allow Global Investors access to fractionalized shares in Blockchain (BaaS) Start-Ups in a B2B/P2P manner. This will ensure Investors have:

- Increased access Internationally

- Increased Liquidity of Shares

- Increased access to Invest in Private Companies

With full transparency, 24/7 OTC trading, and low risk.

With the scale of Acquisition and partnerships we want to achieve, it would naturally make sense to Digitize Business2Blockchain and provide in-house services for a B2BC Security Token, B2BC Coin as a currency, and B2BC Utility Token for permissioned use of products and services.

Besides our future goals we currently offer:

• Project Build/Integration, Tech Stack, Proposals, Regulation & Compliance

• Product Build/Integration, Tech Partnerships, Acquisition & Registrations

• Business Plan, Road Map & Funding Pre-Seed

• Alpha, Beta Testing, Community Build and or Corporate Education

• Launch, Build Brand, B2B, B2C, Technology Roadmap & Support

• Strategic Partnership Growth, Acquisition & Exit Strategy

“By developing a Business2Blockchain Security Token, we develop an Acquisition friendly economy to boost up and coming technology stacks.”

Our Projects Include Key Leadership Roles and Acquisition

Q3 — Good for Great Ltd, 13003412 U.K.

Rounding & Securing Donations for NPO’s with Stable Coin Technology

Q3/2021 — Bmoney2Blockchain Pty (Ltd), 2020/560065/07 S.A.

Scaling Remittance with access to Cryptocurrencies, Banking the Un-Banked

Q4 — NATRA Coin (Pty) Ltd, 2019/539431/07 S.A. (TBO — UK)

Security Token & Stable Coin Payment Solutions for Corporates

Maxwell Food Donations & NPO Health Food Security

Cryptocurrency Payment for Off-Shore Real Estate Investments

Developing NATRA Stable Coin, NATRA Coin, NATRA Security Token and NATRA Utility Token

Q4/2021 — SORTiD (TM) Registered in the Trademark

Trusted Immutable Data Documentation Resource on Bitcoin Blockchain

Q1/2022 — Realty2Blockchain (Pty) Ltd, 2020/042482/07 S.A.

Digital Shares, Tokenized Securities & Asset Management of Real Estate

Q1/2022 — My Savings Digital (TBA)

A Digital Savings Platform for 15% APR on Stable Coin Interest Earned

Q1/2022 — NFT Market Place (TBA)

A Digital NFT Market Place for Artists and Corporate Media Houses to access new value-added digital formats to scale advertising & Marketing

“A Market Place for investing in up-and-coming Blockchain Financial or Data driven companies, where anyone can take part.”

Our Partner Currency and Payment Solutions include


1. Launch CL VISA virtual & plastic in 4 weeks in the EEA, across 30+ countries.

2. No pre-loading (unless you would like to only load fiat).

3. Spend Digital & Crypto Assets directly on the Card from your custodial wallets.

4. Omnibus wallet API, Fiat & Digital Assets like Bitcoin can be automatically linked to VISA Card.

5. Low Monthly card and load fee.

6. Launch & Manufacture card fee presented according to Business Model and Volume.

7. Spend Fiat or Digital Assets directly in EUR for 0% fee at merchants.

8. Spend in 70m+ merchants and ATMs worldwide.

“We provide safe and secure solutions through our Technology partners to enable a Wallet-to-Wallet Ecosystem for payments in B2B, B2C & C2C.

Gain access to VISA & Master Card with a unique 5 multi-currency BIN, Global Distribution and an Omnibus account framework with Personalized Branded Design.”


Network of acquirers:

1. EUR, GBP, USD, CNY, ZAR, and many other settlement currencies.

2. Low-cost acquiring, with minimal fraud hold –as low as 3.49% for Digital Asset purchases.

3. Fast settlement in key currencies globally.

4. Recent KYC can be taken or share with your own client KYC, subject to individual compliance.

5. Fast and easy processing of purchases, settlement in BTC if required for a very low spread of 0.75–1%.

6. Corporate Account automation for inbound/outbound loading receipts & external payments.

7. Crypto Exchange Integrations & Stable Coin payments, P2P, by SMS on CL Card.

8. Full suite includes Wallets, Exchange, Payments, Banking, Remittance, FX, KYC, TX Monitoring.

9. Launch VISA Cards, directly connected to Digital Asset Wallets — liquidating BTC & Digital in the background, completely invisible to users.

10. API/WHITE-LABEL Services are also available.

IBANS, SWIFT & SEPA issue for EUR & GBP users, offer direct debits & standing orders upon request, AML & Transaction Monitoring, Rapid setup and API integration.”

Our Partner Security Token & Stable Coin Solutions include Tokenized Asset Management

The services support three main processes:

a) The issuance process where tokenized securities or Stable Coins, are issued in order to fund-raise or invest in a project.

b) The longer-term corporate management of a group of investors who are holding tokens to document their ownership of securities within the project.

c) Internal trading among the investors in a single project, fund, or company in order to create additional liquidity.

Primary Real Estate, Renewables and Mining Developers:

1. Digitized and automated processes

2. Immediate trading and liquidity (premium: 20–30%)

3. Raise capital easier, faster, and at a lower cost

4. Digitize and automate processes

5. Provide additional liquidity to investors

Secondary Individual Investors

1. Enjoy increased liquidity

2. Access previously inaccessible investments

3. Trade assets quickly and efficiently

4. Ability to fractionalize/democratize — reduced ticket size, increased diversification

5. Access to new types of investors

6. Access to new global infrastructure of investors and secondary liquidity

7. Programmable tokenized shares for automation of cross border transfers

8. Smart “functions”: custody, DeFi lending, atomic transfer

9. Increased robustness by removal of human errors

10. Transparency and traceability

“Our partner services are 100% Managed with compliance and within global regulatory frameworks. Our partnerships take all the risks and responsibilities for regulated activities on their EMI/Regulated licenses.”

From Our Management Team

Morne Olivier (CEO)

“The advent of broader adoption of Blockchain Technologies and Stable Coin integration gives us this opportunity to provide improved services and added transparency to our Software and App services.

The integrity of these immutable data services will change economies as we know it.”

Gavin Stassen (Director)

As a Businessman, I have extensive experience in developing Private Health Care Facilities and Insurance Companies. As an Entrepreneur, I have a passion to align my experience with business models that look to the future. Our world is built on the functionality of trading Value.

By joining Business2Blockchain I wish to bridge the gap between business and the values we take for granted, by ensuring Decentralized Ecosystems are developed for trading Value.

“The Future is Now — Join Us”



#Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency | #Freelance #Writer For #PassiveCryptoIncome #PCI by #MorneOlivier

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Morne Olivier

#Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency | #Freelance #Writer For #PassiveCryptoIncome #PCI by #MorneOlivier