Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Morne Olivier
11 min readSep 22, 2021
Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator


As 2021 progressed at a massive pace, so also did our vision for 2022. One of the highlights so far this year has been last week’s trip to Italy to meet with investors for investment opportunities in Business2Blockchain and get the formalities started for our partnership and registration of Good for Great, our Round-up Donations Company in Italy. Europe will definitely play an important role in our development as we realize a progressive approach to find new solutions to old problems.

Business2Blockchain grew into a consultancy assisting Fintech Start-Ups to include Blockchain Technology in their business models. This bridge still has many years of traction to come as the majority of businesses and people still struggle to place how and why to engage with these new technology solutions.

Who we are?

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Mission Statement

Our main goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

  • We Connect Businesses and Ideas to Blockchain Technology
  • We Grow Start-Ups through Blockchain Solutions
  • We Give access to Blockchain Financial and Data Services

As we cannot afford to procrastinate in this fast-paced industry, we are also setting our sites on 2022 and the vision to take the consultancy into an Incubator/Accelerator business model. Nothing new to that you might think, but of course, there is.

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Blockchain Solutions provide businesses with six key aspects:

  • Immutability — Cannot be corrupted and is fully Transparent
  • Decentralized — No one entity or server is in charge
  • Enhanced Security — No one entity can make changes and 51/49 Encryption
  • Distributed Ledgers — The Ledger is maintained by its Distribution
  • Consensus — Distributed Consensus Algorithm ensures a network decision
  • Faster Settlement — Instant, Cheap & Global, 24/7
Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator


We aim to develop a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) incubator program on Web 3.0 technology for entrepreneurs and businesses. Leveraging Blockchain technology with our range of B2BC Assets.

  • Initial Coin Offerings [(ICOs) — Token Launches]
  • Security Token Offerings [(STOs) — Legislation, Financial Regulation, B2B/P2P VC availability, Confidence]
  • Non-Fungible Token [(NFT) — Metaverse, Smart Contract Ownership, Copyright, Intellectual Property]
  • Decentralized Finance [(DeFi) — AMM, Pooling Liquidity & Staking high % APR, Lending, and Insurance Services]

to quickly attain high levels of liquidity; thus, creating an ecosystem where everyone is a stakeholder working to help others succeed.

Our vision is to have ready-made blockchain solutions for our client Start-Ups on the B2BC Web 3.0 platform, with a focus on developing DeFi and NFT structures.

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Goals and Objectives

Our Goal is to develop and incorporate our own B2BC Digital Security Token by offering Payment and DeFi services that will operate entirely on Blockchain networks to facilitate the Equity and Collateral in a modern decentralized way.

Investors will access fractionalized shares in Blockchain (BaaS) Start-Ups in a B2B/P2P manner.

This approach will ensure:

- Increased access Internationally

- Increased Liquidity of Shares

  • Increased access to Invest in Private Companies With full transparency, 24/7 OTC trading, and low risk.
Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

The next phase for B2BC is to modernize the Incubator model into an:

- WEB 3.0 version

- DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on DeFi.

- Offers Asset Issuance (Coin, Security, Utility, NFT) entailing joining and adopting an SDK suit on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, or Terra Blockchains and their Networks.

- AMM — (Automated Money Maker), money (liquidity) is provided and staked (invested) and the investment drives an APR % yield from which the building costs can be derived.

- Scaling opportunities with a very fast-growing NFT Technology sector to merge Blockchain Solutions and ideologies further.

What does this mean?

I still get a lot of confused looks when I mention Blockchain and generally, the first response is “Oooh you into Cryptocurrency”. Well yes and no. Here are a few notes:

  • Cryptocurrency is a transfer of value system on Blockchains, in any format P2P, B2B, B2C.
  • Cryptocurrency pays direct and instantly, is permissionless, transacts globally, and is transparent.
  • If you choose to speculate with the price, (“stock value”) of a Crypto you should learn about it and keep on learning about it and never stop. Price speculation is not in our business model, but we can point you in the right direction to find the best research.
  • Centralized vs Decentralized Systems, No one power of authority to manipulate software services.
  • Web 0.2 vs Web 0.3, the new Internet being developed on Decentralized Systems like Blockchains.
  • Smart Contracts are code written on Blockchains to automate instructions without the risk of being manipulated in any way.

One of the best ways to help people understand what we do is to share real-life examples of the projects we are involved in. Here are four due to launch in Q4 2021.

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Our Projects

Let’s start with Good for Great as I just had the pleasure of traveling to Italy to finalize my partnership with Eva Brousier the Founder and Alessandro our attorney who will undoubtedly add tremendous value in establishing the Good for Great Foundation.

Q4 2021 — Good for Great Ltd. UK Reg. 13003412 (TBA — Italy)

  • Rounding & Securing Donations for NPO’s with Stable Coin Technology.
  • Total Year 8 Revenue Estimations at a conservative £130 581 396

The App enjoys 3d party Open Banking services across Europe, UK, and the US. Through our US Technology partner, we can leverage USDC as our Stable Coin connection and secure Donations to NPO’s in a fair, transparent, and immutable way.

When you pay for something, with your Card, Online, Crypto, the transaction is rounded to the nearest Dolor, Pound, or Euro. The Cents are collected and then distributed to the NPO’s.

We intend to Build this business model on a Blockchain with Smart Contracts to further secure the payment distribution, Procurement, and Supply Chain processes to ensure NPO’s receive what they are due and that those funds won’t be miss managed.

There are a couple of competitors that offer similar services, but they do not have Stable Coin and Cryptocurrency integrated and they will stay on normal Centralized software, which will always carry an inherent risk.

Q4 2021 — Bmoney2Blockchain (Pty) Ltd. Reg. 2020/560065/07

  • Scaling Remittance with access to Cryptocurrencies, Banking the Un-Banked

The DAPP (Decentralized App) is built on a Bitcoin Forked Blockchain. Transactions are instantly fast, near free, and can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere, to receive funds without having a Bank account. Of course, you can link your Bank account to top up your Bmoney Wallet and send money to anyone at your convenience.

The Test DAPP will be available in S.A. at first after which we will start looking at cross-border opportunities. Telecom’s integration will extend the DAPS’s reach and adding a small basket of top Cryptocurrencies in a risk-free manner will give the end-user the opportunity to own value.

There are a number of Remittance services, and I am sure there will be many more to come, but none capture the simplicity of sending value P2P, B2B, B2C, like Bmoney does.

Q4 2021 — NATRA Coin (Pty) Ltd, 2019/539431/07 S.A. (TBA — UK)

  • Security Token & Stable Coin Payment Solutions for Corporations and Co-Ops
  • Maxwell Food Donations & NPO Health Food Security
  • Cryptocurrency Payment for Off-Shore Property Investments will include a partnership in its own development of a $36m Clinic and Health Spa in Grenada.
  • Developing NATRA Stable Coin, NATRA Coin, NATRA Security Token, and NATRA Utility Token on Web3
  • Trading Engine through Future realized bespoke services from QREDO

NATRA Coin holds two very important Real-World Assets and Property Development:

1. Maxwell Health Food Factory supplying NPO’s

2. Development of Exclusive Hotel, Spa, and Plastic Surgery Facilities

1 — Maxwell, the Health and Food Factory seeks to link “The NATRA Coin” to its Supply Chain, value distribution, and payment infrastructure. This will ensure no 3d party interference or miss management of stock.

The system will have IBAN services to assist in connecting to Banks Globally for supplier convenience, Card facilities that enable Fiat/Crypto payments, and Wallet QR Code management. Development on Web 0.3 will further ensure the integrity of the value proposition of the NATRA Coin.

2 — The Lifestyle Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, currently tendering in Grenada, aim to offer several convenient Customer solutions besides the obvious benefits of such a facility. Led by Gavin Stassen, experienced Private Hospital Developer, (NetCare Group of Hospitals, the Grenada procurement and development plans secure:


i) Private Equity Investment (29%) 14, 000, 000 USD

ii) CBI Investors (Doctors and Businessmen) 34, 000, 000 USD

The Grenada Government will allow the CBI project approximately 200–250 Passports (Grenada Citizenships) to sell to doctors, businessmen, and associates of the developers. The team has also started communications for the same Lifestyle Surgery Clinics in U.A.E and Mauritius.

Blockchain Technology lends itself to large Property Developments like this. Digishares, our regulated technology partner from Denmark enables us to Tokenize the development to reduce admin costs, fractionalize values, and increase liquidity.

Digitize Share Certificates and issued as Tokens on a Blockchain, (1 Share = 1 Token)

Whitelisted, verified, and approved investors can buy tokens and offer benefits such as:

  • Immediate trading and settlement
  • Increased access to international investors
  • Increased liquidity of shares
  • Easier access to buy and invest in private companies
  • 24/7 trading
  • Fully transparent and less error-prone

· Tokenized Securities — Digital Shares

· And last but not in the least opens a new market for the Cryptocurrency Investor looking to leverage a Crypto Portfolio with a tangible Property Development

A Security on the Blockchain is termed a Security Token. Enter: “The NATRA Token”.

In traditional financial securities such as stocks and bonds are increasingly moving to blockchain infrastructure due to the many benefits of this technology, such as lightning-fast settlement, 24x7 trading (OTC — P2P/B2B/B2C), access to international investors, and a significantly increased liquidity.
Shares and bonds are digitized, and the online trading of these digital securities becomes possible without relying on any middlemen.

This specific Property Development then not only scales the Investors Portfolio bridging various parallels, but it also includes the CBI Program from the Grenada Government which includes a Passport and a legal gateway to the U.S. which in our case opens doors to register companies there and further increase our global footprint.

Q4 2021 — SORTiD (TM) Registered in the Trademark

  • Trusted Immutable Data Documentation Resource on Bitcoin Blockchain

The SORTiD App provides unprecedented security to your data/information uploaded onto the system. Blockchains hash data sets in encrypted formats to a sized capacity, (a “Block”), when this “Block” is full of information, a new one is created and so we move on.

No one person or company is in charge of the information loaded onto a Blockchain and no one can change it! The information is verified correct by Decentralized Nodes, Encrypted, and Hashed, (“Sealed”). Blockchain Explorers bring full transparency and traceability to the contract code, which allows you to find information instantly.

SORTiD provides a gateway to Blockchain Technology so that we do not have to be concerned about the information we store, provides a platform to upload documents, update, and get reminded about important and expiry dates coming up.

Some category examples are:

1. Education: Certification Authenticity, Career Path Integrity, even Reward Automation, with real value.

2. Health Care: Authenticity of Laboratory reports, Prescriptions, even Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery — Before and After Value propositions/assets.

3. Deceased Estates: Will and Testament, Dead’s, even access to Crypto Portfolios.

To see these companies grow into 2022, we need to implement a number of new agile business practices, that will set our goals on various equity possibilities as they gain traction.

Besides this we have incorporated Corporate ID and bespoke website design services to fulfil the needs of our start-ups. The website developments are not based on any template structures and can be built on Web 0.2 or 0.3 which ensures total freedom and secures intellectual property.

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Business2Blockchain will then in parallel use Blockchain Technology to develop B2BC as an Incubator/Accelerator and the companies highlighted, further on Web 0.3 to mitigate maximum risk and scale possibilities even further. Our growth Strategy lies within the basket size of Start-Ups we include in our portfolio and the equity position therein.

Private Equity Investment in Business2Blockchain Pty Ltd.

Seed Funding:

We believe the Vision of B2BC, and its BlockTech Start-Ups represents a compelling investment and development opportunity. Apart from the obvious, we know that establishing ourselves on Web 0.3 will advance us at a critical stage of the technology and the growth path the industry projects.

You are invited to contact us, should you require a more detailed Business Plan and /or Presentation or email me directly at

Before I close, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Gavin Stassen as our newly appointed Director in Business2Blockchain bringing years of experience and business acumen to the table. For those who do not know too much about us:

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Morne Olivier (CEO)

I am an entrepreneur through and through. Having built up and sold several businesses over the last 30 years has brought me to understand the value in Start-Ups and the opportunities one can create by bringing them to life.

My strength lies in the creative setup phase, a fast past environment, across many verticals. My weakness lies in the limitations one creates for oneself, by the lack of understanding.

My constant research proves to expand those limitations and drive my vision for a world of integrity and value that is shared in a fair and transparent way.

Blockchain Solutions empower just that, and it is my intention to empower others through Business2Blockchain!

Gavin Stassen (Director)

As a Businessman, I have extensive experience in developing Private Health Care Facilities and Insurance Companies. As an Entrepreneur, I have a passion to align my experience with business models that look to the future. Our world is built on the functionality of trading Value.

By joining Business2Blockchain I wish to bridge the gap between business and the values we take for granted, by ensuring Decentralized Ecosystems are developed for trading Real Value.

“The Future is Now — Join Us”

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