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The Toolbox to a Value-Added Approach

What do Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Businesses need to look at as they start approaching This new Technological “Tool” to add Value Economically?

Today Corporations, Companies, and Businesses from all over the world should know about the new DLT — Distributed Ledger Technology called Blockchain.

Blockchain is an Open Source, Decentralized, Data-Driven machine that is accessible anywhere in the world by anyone.

Key: Accessible — Not Changeable / Universal Cloud — Not Central Cloud Ownership.

As Blockchain Technology furthers momentum by concentrating on their Technological developments, Governments and Regulators scramble to keep up with the pace of a Worldwide Borderless movement that is still in its infancy.

*You are perhaps the CEO of a large Co-Operation tasked with a small task team to research how the company could leverage Blockchain Technology in the future, by means of:

1) Improving Productivity and Quality.

2) Increasing Transparency amongst Partners.

3) Reinventing Products and Processes.

*You are maybe a seasoned entrepreneur trying and testing various platforms, keeping up to date with all the updates as these Blockchains and Digital Assets add various improvements. In which case you’ll be looking to leverage business ecosystems to capitalize on their networks and collaborate within a worldwide database, building your own business.

*You are perhaps a trader/investor planning your next entry level, setting up your position, size, exit, and hedge.

*or You are perhaps looking for a quick buck, scalping shorts on margin, filtering Airdrops and looking for ways to capitalize on your profits if you make any.

These examples have a few things in common, but most importantly, if you are series about what you are doing, you will learn the “Tool” that is Blockchain.

Priority List for Blockchain Integration:

1) Traceability and therefor Accountability, on an Immutable Blockchain Ledger.

2) Being able to audit that the data has not been tampered with, becomes Pro-Active.

3) Open Source Networks with Cross Chain Capabilities.

“The Bottom Line” — Saving Costs

There are obvious objectives like:

1) Streamlining your Business to maximize Profits.

2) Building Borderless Thrustless Relationships.

3) Knowledge Empowerment of the working Technologies you choose.

4) Safety & Security Implementations you associate with your new ledger.

This guide is to help you see a different way of looking at the Blockchain world and an example of a new product that complies with all your requirements.

My Blockchain Toolbox is categorized by:

1) What value does this opportunity hold?

2) How do I capture this value?

3) Is there a strong use-case, as a corporate solution to improve on the ground level and within a scaled ecosystem?

Further to the ecosystem, Digital Assets provide utility.

My Utility Toolbox is categorized by:

1) Passive Income Digital Asset (or Cryptocurrency)
2) Hedge Fund and Deflationary Digital Asset (Liquidity Backed)
3) Arbitrage (Opportunity)
4) Decentralized Financial Instrument (Assets belongs to the Owner)
5) Trade Exchange or Swap Protocol, (Order Books, Funds & Control)
6) Proof of Liquidity (Backed by & Proof)
7) Transparency (Audited Reports)
8) Social Media, (teams involvement, frequency, knowledge, reaction times, up to date information.)

The Digital Asset is generally kept in perspective to its main goal by the smart contract it was created under. In this respect, literally, anything is possible!

Therefor due diligence and sound knowledge from all levels of engagement are necessary. The BIG borderless advantage is the open-source nature of decentralized platforms and how developers have seen this as an opportunity to collaborate and build improvements all the time on a Global Scale.

Now let’s see how the industry has changed for Cryptocurrencies.

Trading has traditionally been the entry for most Cryptocurrency fans and newcomers alike. But it’s time to look at “new” options as Blockchains develop.

My Trading / Swapping Toolbox is categorized by:

1) Maximizing Profits in a volatile mostly unregulated space.

2) Liquidity of funds if I want to withdraw.

3) Decentralized nature, where my Digital Assets is always in my control.

4) Transparency in audit reports on the smart contracts ensuring a third (independent) parties’ validation of the intention of the smart contract.

5) Hedging Pooled opportunities for safety and continued efforts on Passive Growth of Cryptocurrency Income in that safety stage.

The “New Kid on the Block”: Swap or Atomic Swap Protocol

I’ll let Blockgeeks explain Atomic Swap to you here: (my favorite Komodo Platform)

Basically, there’s a lot to say for the “swap revolution” and it’s gaining momentum as it’s users are becoming more at ease with how easy it actually is to use.

My Tooled Benefits out of the Box:

1) Easy interphase — swap x with y.

2) Decentralized in that the Digital Assets always stay under your control.

3) Pool Staking is the ultimate Hedge and is always Liquid to what you put in and again stays in your hands.

4) Added Utility Tokens as Interest with various Arbitrage opportunities.

Obviously, you want to chart your course before you swap for gains and this is a much more mature way of looking at Cryptocurrency Finance but isn’t that just the point. We are looking for longer-term solutions in Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies.

My personal feeling is that it will in years to come to take over trading on exchanges as we know it. The Swap Protocol is the ultimate source of security, cross-chain interoperability, therefore scalability and free from manipulation and false or inaccurate data.

Stable Coins for long now have been the safety net in development for Crypto Assets but in the new Digital Era, we are fortunate enough to have the ability to develop better, more powerful products that enable us to safeguard and grow our investments at the same time.

As an example for our Toolbox:

Within this Ecosystem lies the Ultimate Solution. Coins by design have to be destroyed “Burned” to keep their Inflation intact. Yes, you’ve guessed it,

“The BURN Token” a self-annihilating Digital Asset that does the deflationary role through its smart contract. In other words, “Burns, as it Trades or Swap’s, increasing in value by it reduces in quantity. Coupled with a secure Liquid Ethereum Pool the future of Financial Freedom has just come closer.

Recently Audited and Verified The BURN Token is looking to disrupt the way Investors look at Stable Coins. This brings me back to the Ecosystems of Blockchains and finding the right Toolbox for your Business.

Here is a summary of the BURN Token Ecosystem

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