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Business Plan 12/05/2021

Good for Great Automated Funding for Charities

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Who We Are

Why Automated Donations

Why Good for Great

Financial Summary



Company Overview

Management Team

Our Partners

Products and Services

Products and Services

Competitors and Comparisons

Target Market

Market Overview

Market Needs

Strategy and Implementation

Marketing Plan

Advocacy of Incentives for Philanthropy

Financial Plan

Revenue Forecast

Key Metrics for Success

Good for Great Value and Share Considerations



Executive Summary

Who We Are?

We are a small team of Entrepreneurs that came together to structure a Fintech Solution for a dire NPO industry. Good for Great, the App that rounds your spending to the nearest currency and ensures the funds to Charities and NPO’s.

Good for Great is a Transparent innovation based on Blockchain Technology to enable Cost-Efficient, Equal Distribution on a Global scale to NPO’s. This will enable, especially smaller NPO’s to gain access to equally distributed funds they were previously denied in one convenient place.

We passionately believe that Companies and Individuals can make a real difference by being made aware of how little effort it takes to make this world a better place. By automating the donation process and taking away the risk in the distribution of those funds, we ensure NPO’s can focus on their core functions.

Why Automated Donations?

Most people think that it takes a lot of effort to help others, they have limited choices and they do not trust where their money goes if they donate it. Why not fix that? ….so, we did!

We built the Good for Great App, a system that automates donating with technology people can trust. Our Technology Solution brings a scaled fair and transparent distribution of money into the charitable world of donations with a secured supply chain to mitigate the risk.

We simply make it easy for anyone to donate and trust in the fairness of the value distribution.

Why Good for Great?

Studies reveal that in the UK trust in charities has decreased from 51% to 48% from 2016. Donations equally have seen a steady decline from 2016, 29% to 2019, 63%. Cash has always been the number one source of donations, with a market scope of $500m raised at checkout last year in the US.

In contrast, there has been a significant increase in digital applications over the past years. This trend has now through COVID been fast-tracked with consumers looking for digital alternatives, reducing the risk of dealing with cash.

These market trends indicate to us that NPO’s are struggling for income. The system of trust between the donor and the NPO is broken, and the emphasis will be placed on finding digital financial solutions like Good for Great to handle automated, transparent financial systems.

Financial Summary

Financial Summary


Our plan is to become the UK, EU, and the US’s leading roundup donation system.

We want consumers, brands, and companies to participate and give back to causes in need of financial support. Our objectives are to provide a user-friendly App where Charities can be supported in a fair and trusted manner.

Current systems like Amazon Smile the biggest charities receiving the larger share of the pool, while smaller projects remain in the shade. At Good for Great the choice of the supported Charities will be powered by algorithms that will ensure fair value distribution as well as reminding users to learn about new projects on a frequent basis.

Beyond our easy automated donations, we intend to have Retailers and E-Commerce platforms match the rounding value and we plan to introduce “Smart Procurement” to mitigate the risk of the funds and the end supply.

Diversity is at the core of our values, and Good for Great team is going to be the example of the balance and technological integration we want to see in the world.


Company Overview

Good for Great gives the consumer the ownership to choose the charity, and set the % they would like to donate. The Good for Great built App allows for the convenient linking of multiple Bank accounts through secure Open Banking integration. Open Banking services allow us to interact our rounding process with any transaction through the consumer's account, (not just card), and the consumer can link multiple Bank accounts.

Consumers and Businesses have obvious benefits/incentives to donate. TAX Deductions, Employee benefits, Free publicity, Gain customer support, and much more if you think about giving back and building in your communities in fun new, and inspiring ways.

By using a Digital Dollar, “Dollar Stable Coin — USDC” from Blockchain Technology in the background, transactions can be distributed without manipulation and are transparent. By setting key algorithmic instructions (Smart Contracts), the fund's distribution at the end of each month remains fair, cost-effective, and instant anywhere in the World.

Stable Coin and Blockchain Technology brings a whole new uncaptured revenue market for the donations and charity industry. This next-generation internet empowers commerce with fast, cheap, and global settlement. Cryptocurrency Transactions can now form part of the rounding process with scale possibilities.

Good for Great is a private company with a 16% share in capital raised through the rounding process. This share is intended to build out the technology and ensure the viability of donating funds in a secure and trusted manner.

The technology will be developed to mitigate the risk of product supply to NPO’s through a Smart Procurement process built on Blockchain Technology and eventually the intention would be to build the App on a Blockchain to secure a total decentralized protocol.

Management Team

Will ensure the easiest, cheapest, most direct way for anyone that wants to donate funds with the donations being transparent, secure, and automated. The advent of broader adoption of Blockchain Technologies and Stable Coin integration gives us this opportunity to provide improved services and added transparency to our App’s users.

Our Team packs together a refreshing ideology & tech stack that will bring new life to the Donation and Fund-Raising economies. We share a Passion for Equality and Serving those in need.

• Our Founder (Founder/CEO) Eva Boursier, from Italy overflows with Creativity and brings strong Marketing & PR solutions to the team. She is known for bringing a unique and ambitious vision to every business she works on.

• Dieter Allen (Growth Director) from the UK is our Astute Business Developer and Growth Strategist. (Part-Time)

• Morne Olivier (CIO) from South Africa, is our Technology Specialist, focused on integrating Blockchain Technology. (Part-Time)

Expanding our Team in Phase 1 will focus on important functions, such as Marketing and further development of the App.

Our Partners

The Good for Great MVP App consists of our current partner integrations, they are:

• Bankio — App Developer and Open Banking solutions

• Plaid — Open Banking Services

• Circle — Digital Dollar Stable Coin Settlement

• Stripe — Online Payment Processing

Plaid is our most valued partner. They will provide services in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Plaid Infrastructre

Plaid services include:

Investments Build a holistic view of a user’s investments.

Income Understand income and spend profile and components.

Assets Verify borrower’s assets straight from the source.

Transactions Access detailed transaction information.

Auth Instantly authenticate bank accounts.

Identity Verify user’s identity and reduce fraud.

Balance Verify real-time account balances.

Payment Initiation Initiate instant account to account payments.

Plaid will also provide added value services with access to:

• Detailed Transaction History and

• Balanced Data Products and Services

This will generate further income by analyzing to provide key insight for our marketing team and or Data Broker Services.

Products and Services

The Good for Great App MVP includes:

• Profile set up functionalities,

• Easy KYC through existing Bank documentation,

• An integrated choice of Charities and NPO’s,

• Information on Charities and NPO’s,

• Round-Up settings,

• Open Banking Services,

• Stable Coin integration,

  • VISA & Master Card support.
Good for Great App Design

By using Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Goof for Great will be able to value structure a Consumer-Friendly App with a bouquet of NPO’s for a donation of choice. Funds are rounded at Point of Sale, to a Bank Account, which is linked 1:1 with the Blockchain Exchange, enabling Dollar Stable Coin distribution.

Our aim is to further enable the rounding to be matched by the Retailer. Distribution of the Dollar Stable Coins happen monthly to a Bouquet of Charities and NPO’s through pre-determined smart contracts, ensuring the integrity of the Good for Great ecosystem.

Procurement Integrity with Blockchain Technology at the NPO reducing risk and securing the cost efficiencies in a secure, transparent, immutable way, with an audit trail.

The Product can be developed as a turnkey solution in various other industries-specific markets and as a white label solution. The targeted areas that we will tap into would relate to our business model and fall under the U.K. Charities act of 2011, Public Benefit Status.

These areas are:

  1. The prevention or relief of poverty.
  2. The advancement of education.
  3. The advancement of religion.
  4. The advancement of health or the saving of lives.
  5. The advancement of citizenship or community development.
  6. The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage, or science.
  7. The advancement of amateur sport.
  8. The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution, or reconciliation, or the promotion of religious or racial harmony or equality or diversity.
  9. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement.
  10. The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, or another disadvantage.
  11. The advancement of animal welfare.
  12. The promotion of the efficiency of the armed forces of the Crown or of the efficiency of the police, fire, and rescue services or ambulance services and other purposes that are currently recognized as charitable or are in the spirit of any purposes currently recognized as charitable.

The reduction in funds and trust created a demand for a reputable NPO solution, to serve the above-mentioned criteria, and that is why Good for Great will succeed.

It is our goal to enable Blockchain Technology and build a next-generation DAPP on a Blockchain, which will further secure the platform from discrepancies, therefore becoming a Leading Standard of innovation as a Fintech solution.

Competitors and Comparisons

As we stand, we actually see just one main competitor in the UK.

“Pennies Digital Box” has raised over £25million over the past 10 years, by partnering with companies who invite their customers to make donations at checkout. The choice of Charity is up to the retailer. They are a not-for-profit company that maintains itself by keeping 10% of the total amount spent by their affiliates and donors.

Pennies state:

“We could raise £1billion every year if every UK adult donated just 35p a week”.

In the US the panorama is different, and the number one and very alike project we are analyzing is, “RoundUp App” which is having great results in terms of numbers of users and money raised. RoundUp App was acquired by Flourish Change for an undisclosed amount.

Target Market

Market Overview

“Pennies Digital Box” is the closest market measure we can draw information from.

Their Annual Statement reflects:

• Raised £25m from 100 000 000 micro-donations since 2010.

• Growth retention from 5–7.9% as new merchants sign up.

• In 2019 income from Pennies donations grew by 19% = £5,568,078.

• Toatal income from all resources grew by 10.5% = £6,157,757 .

• Their business model is a partnership with companies who invite their customers to make a donation at checkout. The choice of Charity is up to the retailer.

• They are a not-for-profit company that maintains itself by keeping 10% of the total amount spent by their affiliate’s donors.

In the U.S. The Roundup App has been very successful in terms of numbers of users and money raised.

Market Needs

Introducing new technologies to markets is essential for growth. Technologies are developed to make life easier, less time-consuming, and cost-efficient. The Good for Great App does just that.

• We believe that we can raise £25m in 5 years, half the time “Pennies” did.

• Our target market covers the whole payment spectrum, POS, E-Commerce, any purchasing in general through Open Banking, direct donations of choice, and now even emerging digital markets with Cryptocurrencies.

• Our Business Model is to give the freedom of choice back to the consumer and provide the transparency they need to foster trust in that relationship.

• Good for Great is an NGO with a purpose to drive technology to do the work in an immutable automated way.

Strategy and Implementation

Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan needs to be structured around our biggest hurdle.

• The Download of the Good for Great App.

Our biggest strategy needs to be focused on where the Demand lies.

• Organizations, Companies, Businesses, Charities, all have the same struggles.

• Companies are reluctant to get or stay involved because they have tedious costly processes to implement the necessary benefits.

On-Boarding consumers through the usual social media channels are 40% of the focus. Yes, we will have a growth hacker for that, and they will ensure a Media Presence, Sponsored Social Campaigns, Influencer Marketing, Charities Events attendance to familiarize everyone.

The other 60% will be directed on a B2B, B2C funnel. Our main drive is to reach the “top” of the business value chain and have them filter the importance of the contribution of the App down. Here our business model is similar to “Pennies: Their business model is a partnership with companies who invite their customers to make a donation at checkout.”

Our business model will just make it easier for the consumer to adopt and keep because it does not rely on the user to do much after set-up. The Good for Great App is however intuitive enough for the user that wants to be involved, to take ownership of their choices by putting them in charge of their donations.

The strength of our network and partnerships with companies who see the value of automation and cost-saving capabilities will allow us to grow our user base exponentially as they take on a custodian role.

Advocacy of Incentives for Philanthropy

Businesses have NPO structured contributions under the “Gift Aid Scheme” with savings benefits for them and their employees. Donations of cash by individuals to charities qualify for tax relief and donations by corporations to charities can be set against profits for corporation tax purposes.

Donations of shares, land, and buildings also benefit from tax relief. In addition, some charitable giving by businesses (for example, sponsorship payments) can be treated as allowable expenses of the business and deducted when computing the profits of the business for tax purposes. Understanding the Philanthropy sector and presenting it in a new way is key.

It is therefore critical that our Marketing/Public Relations Professionals appointment, is directed at the B2B/B2C market and built out into a large visible Public Relationship drive that will advance numerous benefits to the Company and Employee, (the public).

We currently have an extended community reach where we can tap into weekly and monthly publications to start awareness and networking amongst key individuals in the Financial and Technological industries. Our network will also include ambassadors with a high-level reach, who have in principle pledged their support.

Furthermore, extending these benefit structures to new digital markets like cryptocurrencies bridges the gap for Good for Great into the up-and-coming younger generations, which allows us to tap into “new money”.

Financial Plan

Revenue Forecast

Revenue Forecast

Key Metrics for Success

It is important to note with our Revenue model at 4 years with a charitable contribution of £14 648 256. We are in line with our prediction of halving the time period it took “Pennies” to do. It is equally important to understand that these figures are very conservative in user adoption numbers if you take into account that the App will be rolled out from the UK to Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. In time our planned rollout will span across Europe and simultaneously in the US and Canada.

Another big factor to consider is the Up and Coming Digital Asset Cryptocurrency sector. Aligning our Technology and consumer base with a future trend means our adoption rate going into the future will be easier to connect with.

Good for Great Value and Share considerations

Some of the Fintechs our strategic partner Plaid is providing services for like Venmo, Acorns, Coinbase, and even Plaid itself is valued in the Billions of Dollars. Over the last 10 years, Fintech solutions for consumers have exploded onto the Global Financial Market.

We view our Blockchain Fintech or (BlockTech) solution in the same arena +. By having this strategic partnership we also gain valuable network introduction possibilities. Working with like-minded individuals or companies where Good for Great can add value to their services becomes equally important.

Good for Great Value


We are confident that our App will bring much-needed assistance to the Charitable Donations arena. We are equally confident that our Technology will bring exciting new prospects to the user and how they form part of the philanthropy ecosystem.

We thank you for your time in considering our proposal.

The Good for Great team.


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The Future of Automated Funding for Charities



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