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Good for Great Automated Funding for Charities
Financial Summary
Plaid Infrastructre
  • VISA & Master Card support.
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  1. The prevention or relief of poverty.
  2. The advancement of education.
  3. The advancement of religion.
  4. The advancement of health or the saving of lives.
  5. The advancement of citizenship or community development.
  6. The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage, or science.
  7. The advancement of amateur sport.
  8. The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution, or reconciliation, or the promotion of religious or racial harmony or equality or diversity.
  9. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement.
  10. The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, or another disadvantage.
  11. The advancement of animal welfare.
  12. The promotion of the efficiency of the armed forces of the Crown or of the efficiency of the police, fire, and rescue services or ambulance services and other purposes that are currently recognized as charitable or are in the spirit of any purposes currently recognized as charitable.
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