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#Airdrops ICO’s & Cryptocurrency Safety

I decided to build one page for #Cryptocurrency Airdrops. I will share some specific ones that I am doing and why. I have a few sources I visit from time to time to see what’s available and I’ll place them in the format as I update this page.
What is an ICO?
Initial Coin Offerings are tokens purchased at discounted rates before or after the platform goes live, in order to raise funds and awareness.
What is an Airdrop?
In return for social media coverage, you are rewarded with tokens.
Why Airdrops?
I suppose the most obvious answer would be free Crypto! For me Trading the Crypto Bear Market has been difficult. I needed a break. I decided to focus my attention on learning more about the platforms I invested in for optimization and try my hand at a few Airdrops. Airdrops would give me exposure to new projects, fresh social interaction, exposure to new ideas and Technology and of course free tokens.

Back in 2017 Airdrops made a few people very rich, “the right place at the right time”.
I think 2018/19 season coming up will be no different.
As always #DYOR. Regulatory bodies have clamped down on ICO’s to protect against fraudulent activities as scamming operations will always try to take advantage of new Technologies.

First a few Rules
Double check your source, even back check the link before you use it.
Use the link after you have formed a trusted bond with your Airdrop source.
Check the URL address, Check the Social Media Handle if not sure go to Coinmarketcap or Coingekko, get onto the Crypto and enter their Website from there.
Never Ever give your password or seed phrase to anyone.
No one is giving away ETH if you send them Ethereum first! Well not that I know of.
Research the company, how long have they been in business for? Is the team active on social media? - LinkedIn pictures on a website are no longer good enough, When last was the Roadmap updated, The Whitepaper - looking at the depth of the companies business model.
If you haven’t got the time to write down and save the Airdrop information don’t do it, you are wasting your time.
Have an Excel spreadsheet open to copy your password and seed information down, try print it for a paper copy to file and save on USB.

I guess that sounds over the top, but in fact, you are starting your own business here, you are planning your own financial future and only you will be responsible for your gains or losses.
Any of these Airdrops could go crazy in a years time from now and without a paper trail, you would be lost.
It’s like buying a Lotto ticket throwing it away and then winning a Mill.
Great, so now all the formalities are out of the way, let's get down to some Airdrop fun.

The first one I will be sharing is: (THT)

You will have to complete a KYC through CIVIC which ads credibility to the Airdrop Alerts platform.

Date Range: 25 - 2 January 2019

Edit: Results listed on 13/01/2019

Thorswap Referral Link to enter Airdrop:

Mass adoption of cryptocurrency comes with some questionable issues. One of them is how do the average Joe and his Grandparents do transactions with relative ease. The rally is on for the right product to provide this service. Swapping, exchanging and paying with tokens in a few clicks will be fundamental in mass adoption. Easy, fast and secure.

Thor has Reputable Company Depth and has consistent partnerships growing.
This is a very big airdrop with plenty of tokens to earn. This platform gets my vote!

Register on the THOR website to open your account & do you're KYC.
The bounty will take you to Register your account and start the tasks.
It will be easier to have your Notepad on your phone set up with links of your Social Media handles and any relative information saved and backed up to Cloud.
With this bounty I am submitting up to 3 links from my Twitter a day, saving all links to post in Notepad before submitting on the last day as requested.
In the Cryptogame, it’s essential to have a Twitter, Telegram and Discord account. If you don’t start as soon as you can and start building some followers.
In order to do Airdrops on the go, while you waiting in a queue or even on your lunch brakes, set up your Android phone to optimize your potential earnings.
I wrote this article in my Notepad on my Huawei. I created an airdrop file for the THOR bounty and have all the saved links running from it. This ensures no mistakes or loss of work and time. Once done I do a Grammarly check and simply copy and paste a draft to my Medium Blog, do my Canva image inserts, check my links and go, all done.
Happy Airdropping and I hope you get some valuable THT


Sharing successful #Airdrop to show anyone can start to earn #crypto for free. With an impressive roadmap ahead I look forward to seeing my earnings grow on @Thor_Network register to become an affiliate or get your link to share & earn #THT

My second Airdrop

★ Telegram Airdrop Campaign Period
Start: January 2nd, 2019 02:00 p.m. (PST)
End: January 31th, 2019 02:00 p.m (PST) (4 weeks)

The Why:
HDAC is already listed on Coinmarketcap and on four exchanges listed below. This means your free coins are immediately tradable. These factors hold more substance to a crypto airdrop for me as it means they are already out of the starting blocks. They boast a nice wallet too for Android and IOS users. Follow their roadmap to see if they keep meeting their targets.

It’s straight forward easy.
Join their Telegram channel.
Get your wallet, copy your address
Paste it on the Google form you fill in with your Telegram handle and your set with 30 HDAC
Full details here

I use Referral Links for Cost Saving & Safety purposes to you. Any Passive Income earned from Links has 0% effect on your earnings thereafter.

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