Business2Blockchain Corporate Business Model | Strengthen Your Business by Securing it on a Blockchain
Strengthen Your Business by Securing it on a Blockchain

Business2Blockchain Corporate Business Model | Strengthen Your Business by Securing it on a Blockchain

August 2021


We Connect Businesses and Ideas to Blockchain Technology

We Grow Your Business through Blockchain Solutions

We Give you Access to Blockchain Financial & Data Services

We are Developing B2BC to Develop you even Faster — Our Goal for 2022

Our Projects Include Key Leadership Roles and Acquisition

Our Partner Currency and Payment Solutions include

Our Partner Security Token & Stable Coin Solutions include

Our Management Team

“We want to introduce a modern way for Entrepreneurs to engage with new technologies, and in the…

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator

Business2Blockchain | 2021 Consultancy to 2022 Incubator


As 2021 progressed at a massive pace, so also did our vision for 2022. One of the highlights so far this year has been last week’s trip to Italy to meet with investors for investment opportunities in Business2Blockchain and get the formalities started for our partnership and registration of Good for Great, our Round-up Donations Company in Italy. Europe will definitely play an important role in our development as we realize a progressive approach to find new solutions to old problems.

Business2Blockchain grew into a consultancy assisting Fintech Start-Ups to include Blockchain…

Integrated Currency and Payment Solutions with Blockchain Technology 02/06/21

The NATRA System outlines these Important Principles

• Securing Corporate, Business, and Individuals Data to Blockchain Solutions.

• Ensuring the best possible Payment infrastructure combining Central and Decentralized networks.

• We enjoy doing Business Globally and covering All the sectors and Verticals.

Our services enable you to:

· Reduced Costs

· Scaled Competitiveness

· Speed & Price Efficiency

· High-Level Security

· Data Integrity

Our Organisation comprises of:

  • NATRA Donate
  • NATRA Gas
  • NATRA BlockTech
  • NATRA Wireless
  • NATRA Estate
  • NATRA Pharma
  • NATRA Earth
  • NATRA Food
  • NATRA Educate

Business Plan 12/05/2021

Good for Great Automated Funding for Charities

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Who We Are

Why Automated Donations

Why Good for Great

Financial Summary



Company Overview

Management Team

Our Partners

Products and Services

Products and Services

Competitors and Comparisons

Target Market

Market Overview

Market Needs

Strategy and Implementation

Marketing Plan

Advocacy of Incentives for Philanthropy

Financial Plan

Revenue Forecast

Key Metrics for Success

Good for Great Value and Share Considerations



Executive Summary

Who We Are?

We are a small team of Entrepreneurs that came together to structure a Fintech Solution for a dire NPO industry. …

Business2Blockchain | Strengthen Your Business by Securing it on a Blockchain


Just a little over a year ago I started Business2Blockchain with the idea of connecting businesses and entrepreneurs to this new Blockchain Technology. It was over 4 years ago when I went searching for a better, easier, faster, cheaper way to receive money on my E-Commerce site and found Bitcoin.

Four years ago, people looked at you in a funny way, (like you were doing something wrong), when mentioning Bitcoin. Of Course, now it’s a bit different, Bitcoin is still around, we can pay with it more freely at shops, we can receive it on our E-Commerce sites, and…

Business2Blockchain | New Corporate Identity Launched

Business2Blockchain | New Corporate Identity Launched


Today I am proud to announce Business2Blockchain’s new Corporate Identity. The Brand Logo and presentations I will be using throughout our articles and social media platforms were designed by:

Alessa Brogli from SwissMilk Brand Identity has done a sterling job in reflecting the integration for Businesses to Blockchain Technology.

I am certainly relieved as the design stands now to build a value-added Icon in the Technology Space, one that will bring ideas, projects, and companies to incorporate the Technology as a,

1. Solution to be Transparent and Traceable with Integrity.

2. Cost Saver…

Business2Blockchain Branding WIP

Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Update


Hi everyone. The weeks are flying. I wanted to update the Blockchain community and of course everyone else interested in new innovative ways to use technologies, on what Business2Blockchain is currently actively busy with.

Besides aligning technologies with people and their ideas, Businiss2Blockchain is also undergoing a corporate identity change with a bespoke branding strategist. Interestingly enough, the lady does not know anything about Blockchain or nr new technologies but rather focused on the service I provide and how that message would need to be presented. …

Business2Blockchain Strategic Blockchain Advisory

Business2Blockchain | Monthly round-up September


Hi everyone. Another month has passed, and again nice and busy with new projects rolling in. This has been great for Business2Blockchain, as we move from defining the company’s functionality and purpose. I am glad I took an open-minded approach, to fully understand and grow with my new company. Our established networks and collaborations over the last few years have proven invaluable and foundational to our “matchmaking” offering.

As a result, one of our core services then, allowing us to help match and build products and projects with the right Blockchain Technology partners.


Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates

14/09/2020 — Issue 5

Making Blockchain Technology Easy! Implement, Enable, or Build with Blockchain Software to Advance your Company or Product.

Opening Remarks:

Last week we looked at some bleak financial figures and values. Global GDP performances for Q2 shows a staggering (q/q%) from the top: India -69, UK -59.8, Belize -56.4, Spain -55.8, Malaysia -51.3, and South Africa at -51.0 at number 6.

Singapore takes 13th spot with -42.9, Canada takes 19th -38.7 & the US at 29th with -31.7%

“Figures and Values” — Sending money to anyone, anywhere, cheap and quick.

Business2Blockchain | Weekly Newsletter and Industry Updates

08/09/2020 — Issue 4

Making Blockchain Technology Easy! Implement, Enable, or Build with Blockchain Software to Advance your Company or Product.

Opening Remarks:

Going into September I wanted to pick up on some figures and values that make the World go round. How one can still see the light in Big Business growth and using that information to make the right choices.

Our Main Story: Figures and Values

South Africa

[5 Million] South Africans is the figure expected of S.A. citizens that will be using the South African Revenue Service (SARS) new MobiApp to file their tax returns.

“Making it easy for taxpayers

Through the…

Morne Olivier

#Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency | #Freelance #Writer For #PassiveCryptoIncome #PCI by #MorneOlivier

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